December 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
I found the clever 7 Quick Takes Friday template on the Conversion Diary site which is always a good read for parenting, family, conversion, Catholicism and more. It's also the home of the astute Minor Revisions reality show, although I hesitate to call it a reality show because I wouldn't want you to lump it in with the usually useless reality show drivel on TV. I can proudly say I've never seen a single full episode of Survivor, Jersey Shore or any of those singing and/or dancing competition shows. Of course, my reality show avoidance is less about seeking smart programming and more about not watching much TV in general.
--- 2 ---
Unfortunately I wasn't able to see the second episode of Minor Revisions last night, but based on the tease at the end of the first show as well as the running commentary on Twitter during the second, there are definitely a couple of things that would have been fun to see. There's a segment in the office of Dr. Jeremy Kalamarides; I've accompanied my wife to many an appointment there. (Thank you, Dr. K, for the coffee and water bottles in the waiting room!) And there's a chat with famed Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson. Several months ago, my six-year-old daughter, also named Abby, had one of those "Hey, my name is Abby too!" moments with the famous Abby in the ladies room of an Austin hotel.

--- 3 ---
I'm trying to cherish every moment of parenthood. Wednesday was my first grader's last day of school before Christmas break. Thursday morning I was kind of sad that I would be driving to work and not stopping to take her to school on the way. I really enjoy our Abby/Daddy time when we sit in the lobby of her school waiting for the bell to ring.

--- 4 ---
But the happy thing about school being out is that the wife and kids got to visit me at work. Abby drew this on the dry erase board in my office. I'll never erase it!

--- 5 ---
I think I need to make my 7 Quick Takes entries quicker, hence this especially short #5.

--- 6 ---
I haven't been paying much attention to all the silly chatter about the end of the world that's supposed to be happening today. But I did post a less-than-brilliant joke by Tweeting: "Hurrying to post one last tweet before the end of the---"

Get it? the world ended before I could finish it. If you liked that joke, thank you very much. If you didn't like it, I borrowed the concept from Steve Martin who once tweeted a similar joke about his cell phone battery dying.

--- 7 ---
As Christmas approaches, let me borrow something else from Steve Martin. He offered the following holiday wishes on an episode of Saturday Night Live in the early 90s (paraphrased):
I wish you all a happy holidays. And I say "happy holidays" just in case you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or some weird astrology cult that you believe in but everybody else knows is hogwash.
Of course, the faith teaches me to love and respect everyone's beliefs. But a good joke is okay too!

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  1. #5 - A brilliant solution to a problem that has plaugued me many times!

    1. Another option I considered for #5 was, "This space intentionally left blank."

  2. #6 very funny joke. I need to figure out Twitter. I also laughed at #7 have a Blessed Christmas.

    1. For every funny joke I come up with, there are at least a dozen others that flop!

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