December 23, 2012

Mother Teresa on the Side of the Road

On the fourth Sunday of Advent, Fr. Paul started off his homily by telling one of his favorite stories:

One day Mother Teresa had an important appointment to meet Pope John Paul II at the Vatican. She spotted an injured person on the side of the road and immediately told the other nun who was driving to pull over. Mother Teresa knelt by the person's side to pray for him and comfort him while waiting for medical help to arrive. The nun behind the wheel kept reminding Mother Teresa that they needed to go because she was going to be late for her meeting with the Pope. But Mother Teresa said she couldn't leave yet. Finally when the other nun told her one more time that they needed to go, Mother Teresa said something like this: "Fine. You go meet with the Pope while I stay here with Jesus." 
Christmas is a time to remember that we need to see Christ in everyone. And don't forgot that others see Christ in us.

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