December 18, 2012

Must (Not) See TV

One area in which I break ranks with my introverted brethren is watching television. Introverts like to be alone, so they sit around and watch tons of TV, right? No, not me. So if we're standing at the water cooler and you start talking about how great last's night's episode of [insert your favorite prime time TV show here] was, I'll smile to be polite but will have no clue what you're talking about.

Granted, if I weren't married with children I'd probably be in front of the TV every night. But I truly value the very limited time I have with my family on work days. As soon as I get home from work, the clock is ticking: eat dinner, have some family time, get the kids bathed, have prayer time and then everyone goes to bed. Yes, when the kids are asleep, we don't waste time watching TV. We get to bed ASAP because you never know when the baby's going to start crying.

I honestly can't even remember the last time I watched a prime time network television program. To prove my point, I was racking my brain to try to guess the names of any shows that are in the top ten in ratings. My only guesses were The Office (I sort of recall that being a popular "hey did you watch it last night" topic) and Two and a Half Men (since it always winds up in the news whenever a cast member has a meltdown).

I should point out that I've never seen a single episode of The Office, and I think I've probably seen a handful of episodes of Two and a Half Men, though none recently since I try to have a higher moral standard for entertainment.

Okay, let's check the scoreboard and see how I did. Mr. Nielsen, take it away:

Prime Time Broadcast Ratings for the week of December 3

1. NBC Sunday Night Football - That makes sense; I should have thought about sports when I was guessing.

2. The Big Bang Theory - I've heard of this show before but have never seen it and have no idea what it's about or who is in it.

3. NFL Pre-Kick Show - Again, that makes sense.

4. Person of Interest - Never heard of it, but obviously it must be some sort of law enforcement drama.

5. Two and a Half Men - Whew! I got one right. Nothing to be proud of, however.

6. 60 Minutes - Ahh, the gold standard of TV news magazines. I should have guessed it, although it wouldn't have surprised me if it had fallen out of the top ten.

7. (tie) Football Night in America - Is this the pregame show or the post game show?

7. (tie) Voice - Never heard of it.

8. Blue Bloods - Never heard of it.

9. (tie) Criminal Minds - Never heard of it.

9. (tie) Voice-Tue - This show I've never heard of must be so good that they aired it twice in one week.

10. NCIS - Heard of it but never seen it.

So there you have it. I was only able to guess one show in the top ten. I am seriously out of touch with prime time television. And for that I am glad.

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