December 17, 2012

Service With a Smile

What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you get invited to holiday luncheon at work? The answer may be either Oh, great! (excited, enthusiastic voice), or Oh, great! (dejected, downtrodden voice). This is what separates the extroverts from the introverts.

My internal battery depletes quickly in a crowd, especially in those "forced" social situations. I need to be alone (or with immediate family hanging out quietly at home) to recharge my battery. But in the workplace, we introverts have to make nice and show up at employee functions nonetheless.

I've been lucky enough to work for generous employers that have provided holiday luncheons over the past several years. Times like these were made for extroverts (apologies to Taster's Choice), so I found a great way to get by: serve the food!

When I volunteer to work the serving line, it takes the uncertainty out of showing up since I have a specific, assigned role. Easy enough: smile, say hello, plop a serving of food on the person's plate, and say "you're welcome" if they thank me. Repeat for the next person, and the next person and the next person, etc.

Don't worry, I'm not THAT rigid. I certainly enjoy cracking a few jokes along the way. But this is a good way to help, interact with people I don't see often on the job and serve others as God intended.

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