December 23, 2012

They Call Me the Dish Ninja

Card-carrying introverts have to come up with quick strategies to cope with common occurrences that only extroverts crave. (And apparently, we like alliteration too.) Take holiday meals, for example. In our household we hosted an early Christmas dinner on Saturday afternoon because of the out-of-town relatives' other scheduling commitments. Including ourselves, we had eight adults and three kids.

Are you finished with your plate?
While I always appreciate the kindness and company of family, and of course the true meaning of Christmas, I still have to admit that having visitors drains my mental battery. How do I do my part to keep up with and contribute to all the conversations at the dinner table and beyond?

My strategy: I transform from a humble, mild-mannered husband and father into a dish ninja. (This new nickname was bestowed upon me yesterday.) I become the world's quickest, most efficient table clearer, dishwasher loader, pot and pan scrubber, and dishwasher emptier in the world.

Here's what it sounds like when I start clearing the table:

Being a heroic dish-doer when we have guests gets me up and around, gives me a break from the social stress and, most importantly, helps keep our house from turning into a disaster with dirty plates, cups and cutlery festering on the table, on the kitchen counters or in the sink long after we've broken bread.

The only problem is, why can't I be this proficient at cleaning up every other day of the year?

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