January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 4

--- 1 ---
Sometimes prayer packs a powerful punch. Last Saturday, we finally let our six-year-old host a sleepover. We knew that getting these two little girls to settle down and go to sleep would be challenge. They were in their beds by around 9, but the giggling, laughing and playing dragged on. Finally around 10:30, my wife went into the room, sat down and started praying the Rosary. That's what finally knocked them out!

--- 2 ---
Courtesy: Diocese of Austin
We had the honor and pleasure of attending an ordination mass for a seminarian at our parish last Saturday. Now he's a transitional deacon. Wow, what a powerful experience to see a couple of dozen priests up there concelebrating Mass with the Bishop.

--- 3 ---
I really appreciate people who do business honestly. We needed some tree and shrub trimming done (beyond the capability of me and my trusty Black & Decker electric trimmer). We called a business we've used several times for various household needs. The guy gave us an estimate and said we could probably get a better price from other businesses that just do lawn work. (His business offers a wider variety of services.) Thank you, sir, for your honesty.

--- 4 ---
From my introvert archives: I don't like people knocking on the door trying to sell things. Normally we try not to answer the door when someone's disobeying our "No Soliciting" sign and/or violating city ordinances. But if I do answer, I try to be polite. Usually. But one time a few years ago I must have been in a wiseguy mood when a solicitor rang the doorbell. I answered, and she said, "Hi, are you the man of the house?" In a sarcastic voice I said, "No, I'm the woman!" She didn't think it was funny.

--- 5 ---
An ambiguous Amber Alert
I think the process of sending Amber Alert texts to cell phones may need some enhancing. On Tuesday my phone vibrated and said, "An Amber Alert has been issued in your area, please check local media." A quick look at a few of the local media websites showed nothing. After some additional searching, I found a site where you can access all active Amber Alerts and discovered this one was issued about 350 miles away. I knew this wasn't likely to be a high priority for the media here. It would be great if the Amber Alert text messages included a link to the actual alerts. Anyway, I prayed for the missing kid in this case.
--- 6 ---
I play Words with Friends on my phone and have often wondered why the game sometimes accepts profane words and sometimes doesn't. No, I'm not actively seeking profanity. But when I'm getting my *** kicked and am desperate for points I'll try anything.

--- 7 ---
From an employer's email: "The cafeteria is closed due to unsafe conditions." Some emails just beg for a humorous response. Mine was, "They finally tested the food!"

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  1. #3: I tend to patronize businesses that are not only honest but whose employees make an effort to interact with my autistic son.

    1. Yes, treating people (and their families) the right way makes a big difference.

  2. Replies
    1. If we ever play I'll try to watch my language!

  3. When I see an Amber Alert, it usually stays with me for days afterward. The last time I saw one though, when I got around to searching for it a week or two later, the children had been reunited with their mother. That made me feel a lot better!

    1. Inspired to follow up on the alert I received, now I'm sad and angry about people who commit crimes against children. God bless little Leah Marie Aguirre from Crosbyton, TX. Rest in peace.