January 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 5

--- 1 ---
Someone should start a Facebook page where people can submit pictures of what they're wearing, or planning to wear, and get instant feedback on whether it matches. Sometimes for fun in the morning I'll ask my six-year-old daughter if my tie matches my shirt. Once when we asked for her fashion advice she said, "Those colors don't match, but they look good."

--- 2 ---
She had a frightening experience the other day but was able to immediately look back and laugh. While I was changing her younger sister's diaper (it was a blowout!), I asked her to run to the pantry and grab a plastic grocery bag. Our washer and dryer are in the pantry, and at the moment she walked in, the dryer ended its cycle and buzzed. Let me tell you, that thing is LOUD. My poor daughter screamed and hit the floor. But now she thinks it's funny to go back in there and do a reenactment of what happened.

--- 3 ---
Speaking of plastic bags, I suppose I should be glad I live and usually shop outside the city limits of Austin, TX since a plastic bag ban takes effect there soon. I'm all for recycling and taking care care of the planet God created. But like most babies, my three-month-old is a prolific pooper. So when there's a diaper emergency, it's nice to have some grocery bags handy for wrapping up a big steamy mess.

--- 4 ---
No one drinks eggnog this time of year, unless you find a great deal on clearance. At the end of Christmas time we tried a bottle of Coffee-Mate Eggnog Latte Cream. Wow, that stuff is great in coffee, so we just had to rush out and buy more. Luckily, Target had moved all eggnog products to the easy-t0-find clearance fridge, so we stocked up and bought several bottles. Don't worry, the "sell-by" date is April 2013.

--- 5 ---
In other eggnog news, this warning label on a carton of Silk Seasonal Nog cracked me up (even more so than the humor of calling a product "seasonal nog"). Did someone really think it would be a good idea to give eggnog to an infant?

--- 6 ---
Take a look at the wreath that's now on our front door. I guess it's supposed to be an early-spring wreath. But will our neighbors think we're lazy and haven't taken down all our Christmas decorations?

Not a Christmas decoration

--- 7 ---
A former coworker of mine from my previous life in TV news posted on Facebook that a drunk person called his newsroom and wanted to know who invented the word "wedgie." Immediately, I thought of Reinhold Weege. Remember the guy who created the sitcom Night Court?

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  1. just make sure that your wreath doesn't have white lights in it- last year I got fined $50 for our HOA for a similar wreath (with white lights on Feb 1st- no holiday decor after Jan 6th!)

  2. Good point. I think our HOA's deadline for Christmas lights is Jan. 31st. But we pulled them down on Epiphany.

  3. #5: Actually, there are parents who *do* try and give their infants eggnog. My mother-in-law also recalls seeing a mom pour a can of RC Cola into her baby's bottle (she was guessing the baby was maybe 9-12 months old) and give it to them. That story became our "at least I'm not that bad of a mom" story.

    1. Wow, soda for an infant. Poor baby must have had to do some serious burping later. And think of all that sugar.