January 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 6

--- 1 ---
This is one of the most ridiculous products I've ever seen. How would you like to wear this stylish "Nubrella" the next time it rains? Do people really buy these things? Not that I want to drive traffic to their site, but check it out; the photos are too funny. If this guy in the ad rides his bike in the rain, he's going to get soaked anyway.

--- 2 ---
Have you ever noticed that people on social media always try to outdo each other when it comes to bad weather? You know what I mean. If you mention that you are cold because it's in the 20s, someone else will chime in and say the 20s would be nice because where they are it's in the single digits. It's kind of funny, and sad, that people like to one-up each other. For the record, today in the Austin area it's supposed to be in the 70s.

--- 3 ---
I recently finished a great book: A Worrier's Guide to the Bible: 50 Verses to Ease Anxiety by Gary Zimak, published by Liguori. It's a quick and easy read, and something helpful to refer back to whenever times are tough.

--- 4 ---
My wife recommended this homily from EWTN (starts at 7:57 in the clip below). The priest's story about how parents protect their babies from any and all sun or cold exposure is hilarious and absolutely on target.

--- 5 ---
The other day my six-year-old daughter said, "Daddy, close your eyes and come over here. I want to see if you're a sensitive man." I was worried she was going to pinch me. But instead she had me sit on a chair where she'd placed some "craft pom poms" (or what I call colored cotton balls). It was a modern day version of The Princess and the Pea. (I covertly peeked at the chair before sitting; that's my right as a parent.)

--- 6 ---
I always think it's cool to see the little wave that motorcycle riders give when they see another rider on the road. But not cool enough to actually get on a motorcycle -- I'm too chicken. The closest I ever came to riding one was in the 80s when I used to pretend my bicycle was a motorcycle after watching CHiPs on TV every week.

--- 7 ---
And now, a lesson about telling the truth from Al Bundy. Yes, the Al Bundy from Married with Children. I bet you thought there'd be nothing in that show you could use to educate your kids. But this scene is an excellent and hysterically good lesson about how a simple lie can quickly spiral out of control. Al and his buddies planned to tell what they thought was a simple lie in order to sneak off to Washington, DC. The clip is appropriate for all ages. Really!

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  1. Nubrella? No, no, no, no, no. As one who cycle-commuted in Detroit for over a decade, the answer to foul weather is a combination of fenders and Gor-Tex outerwear, and a resolve to change clothes upon arriving at work.

    1. I lived in Detroit for only one year (and never got on a bike there), and it was a very light winter by Michigan standards. But for this Florida native, it was a harsh winter!