January 12, 2013

A Saint not so Random

Conversion Diary's random saint generator isn't so random. There's something far more powerful at work here (you know, the Big Guy upstairs). As I mentioned in 7QT on Jan. 4, the saint generator gave me Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi as my patron saint for the new year.

I wasn't previously familiar with her, so I read her bio and have been asking for her prayers. But I didn't pay much attention to my saint's dates of birth, death or patron saint day. Here's where the non-randomness comes in.

Today we were looking at our parish's schedule for baptism prep classes and baptisms for the baby. Based on a number of factors, we determined that May 25 would work best. After deciding on that date, on a whim my wife looked up the patron saint for May 25. Guess who? Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, of course!

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