January 7, 2013

Epiphany Haste Makes Thanksgiving Waste

It's my new catchphrase: Epiphany haste makes Thanksgiving waste. (Should I put this on a t-shirt?)
The same thing happens every year. We always wait until Epiphany to take down our Christmas tree and other decorations because, liturgically speaking, it's still Christmas until that day. And our older kid likes to gradually move the wise men closer to the manger in our nativity scene day-by-day.

As soon as we get home from Mass on Epiphany, I'm overly anxious to decommission the ol' Christmas tree. But I always start by taking down the outdoor lights from our bushes and trees in the front yard. Here's where my problem begins. I'm always in such a hurry that I yank the lights off the bushes in a rush and shove them all into one big box with little regard for organization.

Now fast forward to November. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is when we haul the Christmas boxes out of the garage and put up the tree and other decorations. Sure enough, as soon as I open the box with our outdoor lights, I have to spend extra time untangling them and seriously regretting not having done a better job putting them away on Epiphany.

So I save time at Epiphany and waste time at Thanksgiving. It's a family tradition.

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