January 21, 2013

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

All children are a blessing, but sometimes I'm especially glad that we have two girls. Am I stereotyping inappropriately, or is it safe to say that little girls seem to be drawn less to violent toys and games?

We had quite a laugh as we took our daughters (a six-year-old and a three-month-old) to the playground yesterday. Soon after we arrived, a few little boys from the neighborhood walked over to play amongst themselves. They were probably a year or two younger than my oldest kid. (Not sure where their parents were; I wouldn't recommend sending your kids to the playground alone at that age.)

Here's the funny part. One little boy said to his friends, "Who wants to buy my weapons? I have a meat cleaver, a bow and arrow, a musket..." and something else I can't remember. As he rattled off his list of weaponry, he pulled each one out of his shirt. Yes, of course, they were all plastic toys. But still, it was quite a display. The first thing I thought was, It's a good thing this kid isn't going through a TSA checkpoint at the airport! (I would have taken a picture of his cache for fun, but it's not appropriate to photograph other people's children).

Thank heaven for little girls! 

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