February 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 10

--- 1 ---
I don't care who was buried in Grant's tomb, but how many wheels does an 18-wheeler have? On the drive home from an overnight trip this weekend, we made one of many stops at convenience store/truck stop so my wife could feed the baby and we could all use the facilities. While staring at all the tractor-trailers getting gas, our six-year-old insisted that 18-wheelers only have ten wheels. She valiantly argued her case for a couple of days until I finally showed her a picture online and explained about the double wheels.

Count the wheels (courtesy: flickr)

--- 2 ---
I have a theory about taking long car trips with babies. For every one hour of travel time, add about fifteen additional minutes. That's about how it worked out for our weekend trip. The three-hour drive ended up taking nearly four hours. But my theory depends on the specific feeding and pooping needs of your baby. If he/she can be fed while driving then you can probably save more time than we did. Someone should come up with a smartphone app that shows which convenience store and rest stop bathrooms have diaper changing tables.

--- 3 ---
While on this trip I remembered a funny story a priest once told us. It was late on a Saturday night, or maybe even early on a Sunday morning, and he was quickly driving home home from a trip because he had not prepared his homily for Mass. Something caught the attention of a police officer; maybe the priest drifted over into the other lane or perhaps he was speeding. Anyway, the cop pulled him over, and the priest admitted that he was trying to read the Bible while driving. Yes, he received a citation. Is DUIP (driving under the influence of prayer) a crime?

--- 4 ---
Why is it that sliced apples in kids meals at fast food restaurants always taste sour? It's great that restaurants have healthier options for children. But serving apples that taste like lemons isn't going to encourage little ones to eat fruit. 
--- 5 ---
I don't remember how old I was when I learned how to ride a bike. My six-year-old hasn't grasped the concept yet. We're trying a method we found online where you remove the pedals and let the kid scoot along with her feet like she's on a scooter. This is supposed to be an easier way for children to get comfortable with balancing. And it's more compassionate than the way most of us learned as kids where your parent gives you a big push on the bike, says "I won't let go" and then lets go and wishes you luck.

--- 6 ---
I'm convinced the world's population can be divided into two groups: baby sniffers and non-baby sniffers. Now that we're parents for the second time, I am once again perplexed by the people who hold our baby, sniff her head and say they love "that new baby smell." Apparently I'm not one of the sniffers. I love our baby, but I don't spend all day sniffing her (and I try not to inhale when I'm changing diapers!) A coworker suggested -- jokingly, I assume -- that's a gender thing: Women love to smell babies but men don't.   
--- 7 ---
I saw on the news that office supply stores Office Depot and OfficeMax are going to merge. I wonder what they will call the new company? "DepotMax" sounds cool. Or maybe "Office MaxPo."

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  1. about sour apples- they are probably covered in asorbic acid to keep them white!

  2. re #4: if not ascorbic acid, then lemon juice is used to prevent oxidation -- without this, the apple slices would brown (unless they somehow managed to pack them in a nitrogen atmosphere). And acids are what trigger the sour taste hairs in our taste buds.

  3. It sure makes it harder to convince my kid to eat apples at home when she remembers the sour taste of the restaurant apples.