February 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 7

--- 1 ---
We spent part of our day Saturday at the Texas Rally for Life at the State Capitol. As an introvert, I'm not usually one to seek out large crowds, and I'm certainly not a political activist. But we had a good time, and what started out as a cold and drizzly day evolved into a sunny, comfortable and prayer-filled afternoon.

--- 2 ---
About halfway through the rally speeches, our three-month-old pooped. So we had to be resourceful and find a spot away from the crowd to change the diaper. We ducked between two Texas State Trooper cars that were parallel parked next to the Capitol, a little bit away from the crowd. Don’t worry, the cars were empty and this was far away from any vehicular traffic. Plus, my six-year-old and I were standing guard (while my wife graciously did the dirty work) to provide a little extra privacy and make sure nobody got into either car. But of course I couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity. I call it, “A pooper and a trooper.”

--- 3 ---
Somehow I’ve managed to get myself involved in yet another non introvert-like responsibility. As if it weren’t enough that I spent a decade working in TV news and even longer working in public sector media relations, now I’ve been elected to serve as the chairman of our parish’s pastoral council. Yes, I’m happy to serve and will do my best, but it isn’t exactly conducive to my personality. Sometimes I wonder if God chuckles when he puts me in situations like this. 

--- 4 ---
One of the associate pastors at our parish always reminds me of that guy from Home Improvement, Richard Karn. What do you think?

Photo: The priest and the Home Improvement guy
--- 5 ---
During the baseball playoffs last fall, I actually started feeling sorry for Alex Rodriguez when he was taking quite a beating in the sports tabloids and other media. Suddenly with the new round of allegations this week, I'm not really feeling sorry for him anymore. But still, there's a path to forgiveness for everyone (not just professional athletes). Telling the truth is always a good first step.

--- 6 ---
I will be moving office buildings soon, and the moving company's instructions for how to label certain items were hilarious. Check out the photos. I wonder how often they move typewriters and telex machines these days.

--- 7 ---
So, Barbara Walters has chicken pox. I had chicken pox as an adult, and let me tell you, it was awful. Of course, Babs is in her 80s, and I had them in my 30s; at her age, everything is serious. I wish I had known about the newer chicken pox vaccine that was released in 1995 so I could have avoided the misery. But no doctor ever mentioned it to me. In fact, a few years before I got the chicken pox, a doctor suggested that I probably had them as a kid but it was such a mild case that maybe nobody noticed. Wrong!

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  1. #3: I'm an incredibly introverted pastor's wife who is married to one of the few extroverted pastors in existence. (80% of clergy are introverts.) Trust me, God has a huge sense of humor.