February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 8

--- 1 ---
Don't you love a priest with a sense of humor? On Monday I went to daily Mass at a parish near my workplace. It was supposed to start at 11:30 a.m., but the priest didn’t get up to the altar until about seven minutes later. He said, “I’m sorry for being late, but I was talking to Sister Joan, and she wouldn’t shut up!” Don’t worry, he said it in a jovial voice and received a good round of laughs.

--- 2 ---
I heard some more priestly humor on the drive back to work. Someone called Go Ask Your Father on Relevant Radio and asked whether the Super Bowl halftime show was a near occasion of sin. The priest said something like, “Well, for one thing it was a near occasion of exhaustion.”

--- 3 ---
For me one of the best things about Super Bowl Sunday is that it means we’re one step closer to baseball season. Football’s okay (I’m a Dolphins fan), but nothing compares to baseball. Whenever spring training draws near, I always recall the many fond memories of growing up in the (now former) spring training home of the Atlanta Braves and being able to watch so many games all season on TBS. At the time I never would have dreamed that all these years later I’d be able to watch every single Braves game on a cell phone.

--- 4 ---
One more quick take related to the Super Bowl: I always take my older daughter to school each morning and hang out with her in the lobby until the bell rings. On Monday morning, one of her little first grade friends walked up to us and said, “My mom and dad didn’t pay any attention to me last night because they were watching the Super Bowl.” Poor girl. But it’s probably a good thing that she wasn’t watching with her parents since the Super Bowl and its commercials aren’t exactly wholesome family entertainment.

--- 5 ---
Last Saturday we took my daughter to a friend’s birthday party. Over the past six-and-a-half years, my wife and I have become regulars on the kid birthday party circuit. But this was the first time we ever saw touchable bubbles. Have you ever heard of these? You blow them just like regular kids’ bubbles. But you can catch them in your hand. Even the adults at the party had fun with them.

Photo courtesy: Sensory Toy Warehouse

--- 6 ---
Yesterday morning my daughter and I ran into her P.E. teacher at school. This teacher hadn't seen me in a while. She looked at me and said, "Hey, have you been working out?" I said, "No, just carrying a 15-pouond baby." Maybe she says this to everyone just to build their self esteem and encourage them to work out more!

--- 7 ---
Photo courtesy: Royal Canadian Mint
So I read that Canada is saying adios (just kidding) to its penny since it’s too expensive to make. Will the U.S. penny be next? I’ve never been a fan of carrying change, and I rarely even have any cash on me anymore. If I’m ever in charge, I will outlaw change altogether. Come to think of it, do we even need paper money? Let’s live in a cash-free society and pay for everything with plastic or by smartphone. I have no idea what effect this would have on the economy. I’m neither an economist nor a financier.

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