February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 9

--- 1 ---
Once the surprise wore off about Pope Benedict's resignation announcement this week, I immediately began looking forward to the fascinating  Papal Conclave process. I was a newly-minted Catholic the last time the College of Cardinals elected a pope, and it will be really neat to see this happen again. This time I hope news organizations will not embarrass themselves by incorrectly speculating whether the smoke coming out of the Sistine Chapel is black or white.

--- 2 ---
Jay Leno had a really funny joke back in 2005 a few months after Pope Benedict was elected. Willie Nelson was recording a reggae album at the time. [Yes, you can insert your own marijuana joke here.] So Leno said something like, "There was so much smoke coming out of the recording studio that people thought they were electing a new pope in there!"

--- 3 ---
Back to more serious papal memories: On the next Sunday following Pope John Paul II's death in 2005, a little boy walked out of our former church after Mass and asked the pastor, "Father, did you cry when the pope died?" Fr. Sam replied, "Yes."
--- 4 ---
Last weekend I attended an overnight retreat with my parish's pastoral council. Above all the toilets at this retreat center, there's a little sign that says, "For the sake of our septic system, please do not..." and then it goes on to warn you not to flush anything other than toilet paper. Since this is a Catholic retreat center, I thought they should have thrown a little prayerful humor into those signs by saying, "For the sake of our sorrowful septic system, please do not..." (If you aren't familiar with the Divine Mercy Chaplet then my joke won't make any sense.)

--- 5 ---
About four or five years ago, a brand new little tree in our backyard was in big trouble. The poor thing couldn't stand on its own and looked like it was on its deathbed. Whenever we had gusty winds, the string that attached the tree to support stakes would come untied, and the tree would bend over all the way to the ground. After my futile efforts to properly re-stake it, we called an arborist for help. He said he doubted the tree would survive and suggested we dig it up and get rid of it. We discarded his advice, and today the tree is happily standing on its own and is more than 10-feet tall. I guess you could call this a pro-life message!

Photo: The little tree that could

--- 6 ---
Spring is in the air, and it's always exciting when baseball players first report to spring training. As an Atlanta Braves fan, I love this picture from the CNN website highlighting that the Braves and the Washington Nationals will be tough rivals in the NL East this season. For the record, he was OUT!

Photo courtesy: CNN

--- 7 ---
The Google Images reverse search feature has been getting a lot of media attention following the Manti Te'o fiasco. For fun I plugged my blog profile photo into Google Images, and it said I look like these people:

This is the first time I've ever been accused of looking like Elvis or a woman! Thank you very much.

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  1. I laughed at the septic tank joke! You should ask them to amend the sign :)

    1. There were other interesting signs at this retreat center. In the bathroom in my room, there was a sign pointing to a towel that warned that this was a bath mat and was not to be used to shine shoes.

  2. #3: I'm Lutheran and I cried.