February 20, 2013

A Priest in My Pocket

There's no excuse for not practicing your faith. Technology makes it too easy. A few months ago I discovered an amazing free app called Laudate. It has just about everything a Catholic-on-the-go could possibly need. It's like having a priest, the entire New American Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, a Rosary, the Order of Mass, the new Daily Roman Missal and the Code of Canon Law in your pocket.

The features I use most often are the daily readings, the daily reflections (I wonder if any priests ever peek at these for homily ideas), the lengthy list of prayers and the confession aid. No, this app won't absolve you of your sins; but it has a handy, albeit not terribly indepth, examination of consicnce tool that I've used from time to time before confession. Yes, I keep my phone in front of me in the confession booth so I don't forget anything.

With great tools like this available, I wish more parishes would embrace technology. At ours, the opening announcements still include a warning not to "use your phone" during Mass. Sure, they probably mean talking on the phone. But I would like people to be more open to the concept of holding your smartphone or tablet during Mass if you are following the Order of Mass or the readings. I think it's a lot more convenient than flipping through the pages of a missalette. I'd love to get an e-book version of the  hymnal that our parish uses.

Search for the Laudate app on your device so you can carry a priest around in your pocket too!

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