March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 11

--- 1 ---
I like to say that I never get sick. Unfortunately, having an attitude like that makes things extra miserable on those rare occasions when I do get sick. And boy did I get sick. The major symptoms of what turned out to be a persistent fever, a sinus infection and brochitis hit me late last week, and I had to miss work early this week. I hate calling in sick from work. I think the last time I missed work due to my own illness was more than a year ago. Of course, as a parent I occasionally have to use sick time to take care of the kids. But when it's my own sickness, I feel so defeated when I can't go to work.

--- 2 ---
While I was wallowing in my own sickness at home on Monday, we had a quite a wind storm, and it knocked down part of our backyard fence. Aside from the general hassle of having to get it fixed, it's also just my luck as an introvert to have to coordinate the repairs with two different neighbors.

--- 3 ---
As if being sick and having wind damage weren't enough, we also lost electricity. As soon as it went out Monday afternoon, I used my smartphone to report it online and was quite surprised when I saw this (Keep in mind that I was reading this on February 25 around 2:30 p.m.):

How would they know literally five minutes after the power went out that it was going to take about 20 hours to fix? Luckily, the power came back on about six hours later. But we were prepared for the long haul and bundled up the baby and the six-year-old for a night without heat.

--- 4 ---
So what else could have possibly gone wrong on Monday? How about a fire scare? With the power out, we decided to venture out in the windstorm to go pick up dinner and bring it back home. As soon as we opened our garage we encountered a very strong smell of fire and a haze in the air. Our neighborhood had a fairly close call with a wildfire back in 2011 at the same time as the most destructive wildfire in Texas history, so people who live here are justifiably sensitive whenever they smell smoke. Neighbors were venturing out looking for the fire and alerting others just in case. Some people may have been packing a bag or two in case of evacuation. Fortunately, the odor was from a grass fire several miles away, but the strong winds were carrying the smoke in our direction.
--- 5 ---
We tried our best to keep our six-year-old entertained during the power outage. It's was a good teaching moment and an opportunity to thank God for what we have. Also, I wished her a (pretend) Merry Christmas. After all, it's not that often when you get to pull out the Christmas candles in February.

--- 6 ---
Speaking of Christmas, I thought of Frank Sinatra as I was updating my work voicemail greeting to let people know I was out of the office Tuesday. With the bronchitis and sinus infection, I was having a hard time getting through entire sentences without becoming winded. It reminded me of a version of Silent Night that Sinatra must have recorded late in his career when his health was deteriorating. You can tell he wasn't able to hold words for very long. But of course, it's Frank Sinatra so unlike my voicemail greeting, it still sounded good.

--- 7 ---
I need to get something in here that isn't about sickness or the weather. I heard a segment on Relevant Radio Wednesday afternoon where guest Barbara Nicolosi noted the vast difference in dignity and humbleness between the Oscars show (which of course I didn't watch) and the live coverage of Pope Benedict's final audience. Excellent point! I had a similar thought in 1997 comparing the images of the funerals of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa:

From Wikipedia: Princess Diana's funeral procession

From Mother Teresa's funeral procession

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