March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 12

--- 1 ---
Have you ever heard of Alan Ames? We attended a healing service of his last weekend; it's actually the second time we've heard him speak. He has quite a compelling story. People all over the world come to him seeking healing. But you never know whether your healing will be physical, emotional, spiritual or maybe something else. You should check him out if he comes to a parish near you.

--- 2 ---
Now let's transition from a healer to a "magician." I read the other day that illusionist David Copperfield was on a plane that had to make a very frightening emergency landing due to mechanical problems. So if this guy can supposedly make the Statue of Liberty disappear, why can't he magically fix an engine problem? I remember the story from a few years ago when Copperfield and two others were mugged at gunpoint while walking late at night after a performance in Florida. Even though he had his wallet, keys and cell phone in his pockets, he pulled out his pockets to show the robber that they were empty. Slight of hand, for sure.

--- 3 ---
I'm on a roll with these transitions, so now I'll go from a magician to a beautician. (Although now I've already ruined the joke.) Once I was getting my hair cut in a new place, and the woman cutting my hair had a funny little sign on the shelf next to her barber's license. It said, "I'm a beautician, not a magician!" (Don't hate me for the exclamation point. It was on the sign.)

--- 4 ---
My first reaction upon hearing Dennis Rodman's ridiculous comments about North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un being a great guy was this: Even Ozzie Guillen of "I love Fidel Castro" fame probably shook his head and thought Rodman is crazy.

--- 5 ---
Speaking of crazy, what a terrible move that would be if the Texas Rangers squeezed the legendary Nolan Ryan from his CEO job. That would be almost as big of a PR disaster as if the Atlanta Braves ever dumped Hank Aaron from the front office.

--- 6 ---
This isn't nearly as silly as the Nubrella, but this ad for the Freeloader child carrier seems weird to me. Isn't this girl a little too old to be carried around all day?


--- 7 ---
I saw a couple of really funny business slogans on trucks recently. One was for a dog training/obedience school. Under the name of the business on the truck it said, "Sorry, we can't train husbands, wives or kids." On the back of a plumber's van it said, "***t happens. When it does, call me."

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