March 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 14

[Note: 7 Quick Takes Friday will take a break next week on Good Friday. See you in April.]
--- 1 ---
The same funny priest known for his hilarious explanation why he was late to Mass had another funny one from the pulpit this week. At the beginning of daily Mass on Monday, he processed to the altar and said that while walking over to the church, the youth director handed him a doctored-up version of the now-famous image of Pope Francis checking out of his hotel after becoming pope. The caption said, "Oh, that's right. I checked in under a different name."

--- 2 ---
Waking up too early sometimes has its perks. On Tuesday morning I flipped on the TV as I was about to fire up the coffee maker and happened to stumble upon live coverage of Pope Francis' installation Mass. Sometimes the secular media's coverage of this stuff is a little off. But I appreciated the great input from papal expert George Weigel who's been serving as an analyst for NBC news. Last year we had the pleasure of attending an event where Mr. Weigel was the keynote speaker.

--- 3 ---
Speaking of coffee, our consumption of this alluring beverage has increased exponentially ever since we bought a K-cup machine. It is now too easy and too convenient to make a cup of coffee. It certainly costs more than regular coffee, and I'm sorry if the K-cups aren't environmentally friendly, but we sure do love them.

--- 4 ---
Have you ever noticed that the most thorough cleaning and de-cluttering that you ever do in your home happens because you have visitors coming over? We did some wild organizing on Saturday morning in preparation for some friends visiting. And as soon as they left I said, "Great, now we can go back to living in squalor!"
--- 5 ---
The next day was St. Patrick's Day, and it came and went with little fanfare in our household. But after Mass, we did make a point to watch one of our favorite Veggie Tales DVDs called Lessons from the Sock Drawer. It includes this really great story of St. Patrick. Watch it with your kids and enjoy:

--- 6 ---
The best thing about keeping an emergency weather radio in your bedroom is that it will wake you up in the middle of the night. And, the worst thing about it is also that it will wake you up in the middle of the night. Tuesday was one of those nights where we heard the dreaded alert tones over and over thanks to severe thunderstorms. I do want it to wake us up if there's a tornado coming, but I don't want it to wake us up for every passing shower. I know I can't have it both ways. Believe me, I won't complain when it saves our lives.

--- 7 ---
The first and hopefully only episode of Law & Order: SWU (Special Wasp Unit) was a cliffhanger. But now I can report that it came to a dramatic conclusion on Saturday evening. Yes, three days later. The suspect was spotted on the wall outside our guest bathroom upstairs. I discharged three shots from my weapon (wasp/hornet spray with a 27-foot stream), and the offender was pronounced dead a few minutes later. He was laid to rest with a decisive flush of the toilet. The end.

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