March 27, 2013

True: Disney Distress

I wasn't planning on blogging during Holy Week, but current events compel me. First, the truth about my inaugural Is It True? post: I really was stranded on the It's a Small World ride at Disney World back in the 80s. But the Alcatraz story sounded exciting too, didn't it?

Anyway, the main reason for this post is to say that I'm not the only one who's ever been stranded on It's a Small World. I just found this story from NBC4 in Los Angeles about a man who was stuck on the Disneyland version of the ride, sued and was awarded $8,000.

Of course, there's nothing funny about the man's medical issues. But what is amusing is that the story makes a point to say that when the ride broke down, the song kept playing over and over again (just like I said).

Watch this video, if you can bare the advertisement first, and notice that at the beginning of the story, the news anchor can't help smiling when she says the song played over and over.

The lesson here is that when the It's a Small World ride breaks down, the first thing Disney should do is turn off the music!

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