April 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol 15

--- 1 ---
What a humbling experience it was to participate in the traditional washing of the feet ceremony at Mass on Holy Thursday. This is the second time I've had the honor of doing this. The first was back in 2005 when I was going through the RCIA program at another parish. This year I was asked to be one of the 12 taking part because of my position in one of the ministries. It was a much more powerful experience this time around, probably because I know a lot more now than I did back then. Here's the crucifix pendant I received during the ceremony.

--- 2 ---
At Easter Mass, my six-year-old daughter got a special treat from her favorite deacon. During the sprinkling rite, he made to point to walk right over to her and give her a direct shot of Holy Water. Later, at the point in Mass when everyone offers each other a sign of peace, he stepped down from the altar to give her a quick handshake then hurried back into place. We were sitting in the front row since we got to the church very early. Naturally, I wouldn't have it any other way.

--- 3 ---
After thinking about it for a long time, we finally had all of our downstairs carpet replaced with laminate flooring. No matter how often you vacuum and shampoo carpet, it just never seems to get clean enough, especially with two small children in the house. For those in the Austin area, I would highly recommend Simon & Sons Flooring in Georgetown. Yeah, I know it's not the most exciting website in the world. But they sure do take good care of their customers.

--- 4 ---
Magic carpet
I suppose one way to prevent your carpet from looking dirty is to choose a color like this. It is the carpet at my workplace. I call it a magic carpet because it makes things disappear. Trust me, if you accidentally drop a piece of food like a raisin or a chocoolate chip, don't even bother trying to  pick it up because you'll never find it. 

--- 5 ---
It's funny the way kids' bread-eating preferences evolve over time. Of course, my daughter went through a lengthy phase of not wanting to eat the crust, so we used to cut it off when we made her sandwiches. Thankfully, she got over that after a few years and has been pro-crust for a while. For a long time she despised the concept of eating the end piece from a loaf of bread. Then one day last year she decided to try an end piece and loved it. For the next few weeks she would request the end piece whenever we opened a new loaf. But that phase passed, and now she is back to being an ardent end piece opponent. And if that's not enough, the other day she decided that she didn't like bread, period. Rather than putting a sandwich in her lunchbox for school, she just wanted the turkey slices and piece of cheese with no bread.

--- 6 ---
One of my daughter's first grade friends threw up in the hallway at school the other day. Fortunately, there was a teacher nearby who immediately called for cleanup and took the poor girl to the nurse's office. It reminded me of an incident back when I was in third grade, and the classmate sitting next to me threw up all over his desk. He was kind of stunned and didn't say anything; and the teacher, Mrs. Babcock, didn't notice. I immediately raised my hand, and so did the kid on the other side of the sick student, but she didn't call on us right away. So my poor friend had to sit there with a mess on his desk until the teacher finally noticed.

--- 7 ---
Courtesy: Oriental Trading
My daughter and I got a kick out of this nose pencil sharpener that we saw in a catalog. (Only $6 per dozen at Oriential Trading!) But what was even funnier was that when I tried to tweet about it and call it a schnoz pencil sharpener, the auto-correct function on my iPhone wanted to change it to a "Schnozzola" pencil sharpener. 
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  1. #3 I'm replacing the carpet in my home room by room, except for tile in the bathrooms for the same reason.

  2. Good luck with your project.