April 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 16

--- 1 ---
Our baby will be baptized next month, and it’s sure to be a much different experience for all of us compared to our first daughter’s baptism back in 2006. When she was one day old we found out she would need emergency surgery. So I pressed the nurse call button in the hospital and said, “We need a priest in room 203, stat!” (Well, I didn’t really say stat, but that would have been funny had I thought of it at the time.) Anyway, the priest baptized her using a Styrofoam coffee cup of Holy Water at the sink in our hospital room. Don’t worry, it counts.
--- 2 ---
The baby and I didn’t get to hear much of the special Divine Mercy Sunday service this past Sunday afternoon. She was being especially noisy, so I spent most of the time pacing outside the chapel door until she showed me no mercy and spit-up all down the front of my shirt. Of course, this is what babies do, and it can happen any time. So as long as the little one isn’t actually sick, I try to keep a good sense of humor about these things. To share in the joy, I texted my wife from outside and said, "I am covered in spit-up." 

--- 3 ---
I’m saddened by some of the chatter in baseball this season about the National League eventually having to adopt the dreaded designated hitter rule. I understand the reasoning now that there are an equal number of teams in each league, and there's interleague play all season long. But for me it just comes down to what makes the game more interesting. Managers have tougher decisions to make in the NL in determining when to take their pitchers out, and that's more exciting.

--- 4 ---
I took great interest when I read that it’s “baseball week” in the cafeteria at my older daughter’s elementary school. We usually pack her lunch, but I was still curious about what type of baseball-themed food they would be serving. Don’t get excited. It looks like regular elementary school food:

--- 5 ---
If my daughter walks up behind your car wearing her new light-up shoes, you may mistake her for a police officer and pull over. Check out how bright these things are:

--- 6 ---
When we went to bed the other night, my daughter's first loose tooth was hanging by a thread, so we placed bets (figuratively) on when it would fall out. I guessed it would come out in the middle of night. My wife guessed it would come out and breakfast. And my daughter guessed it would come out at lunch. (Or did she say dinner?) Well, my wife won.

--- 7 ---
All the tooth talk reminded me of this funny Colgate toothpaste commercial from 1996. A kindergarten teacher quizzed her class by asking what color various objects were. When she asked about the color of her teeth, the merriment ensued:

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  1. My son was baptized in the NICU by my husband (a Lutheran pastor) with sterile water poured out of a medicine cup and anointed with chrism borrowed from the chapel. I don't know that it would have been a more moving ceremony if it had taken place in a church.

  2. Yes, indeed. It is hard to properly describe the combined feelings of fear and spiritual comfort during a hospital baptism.