April 7, 2013

Is it True? - Vol. 2 (Presidential Edition)

It's important to be careful what you say because you never know what may end up in the newspaper. That's the focus of the second round of  Is It True? Many years ago I said something ridiculous about former presidential candidate Michael Dukakis. And sure enough, it was printed in the newspaper. But only one of the two stories below is true. Can you tell which one?

#1 I Like Mike

I was not quite old enough to vote in the 1988 presidential election between George H.W. Bush and Michael Dukakis, but the newspaper conducted a mock election at my high school. In addition to voting, students had the opportunity to jot down a few comments about why they chose their candidate.

As a bit of a wise guy in my younger years, I decided to have a little fun with my ballot. So I selected Dukakis and wrote, "I like Michael Dukakis because his name is fun to say."

I don't remember who won the mock election when the story came out in the newspaper. But in addition to the results, they printed several students' comments. And guess whose comedic comment they included? Yes, my quote was one of them. The newspaper actually printed my joke and attached my name to it. I had no idea that the newspaper would take me seriously. Oops.

Is it true? Was I really quoted in the newspaper making a silly comment about voting for Michael Dukakis because his name was fun to say?

#2 Dukakis Delivery

When I was in college, I volunteered for the monthly school newspaper. In a meeting to discuss potential story ideas, another student said she wanted to write about students at the college with interesting political or celebrity connections.

She mentioned a few examples (my favorite was that former MLB pitcher Joe Niekro's daughter  attended our college at the time), most of which were students that were related to local or state elected officials. But then she mentioned a few sillier ones, including a student from California who worked at a restaurant back home during the summer and refilled the water glass of a famous Hollywood actor. Sorry, I can't remember which actor.

Being the wise guy that I was in my younger days, I said, "Oh yeah? I once delivered a pizza to Michael Dukakis." Some people in the meeting laughed, and others asked if I was serious. I never actually answered the question about being serious. But I did confirm, in what I thought was an "I'm kidding" voice, that my hometown was very close to Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton where Dukakis was a visiting professor.

I didn't end up contributing to the next edition of the paper. So when it was published, I was shocked to see my Dukakis quote in the story. I had no idea that the writer would take me seriously Oops.

Is it true? Was I really quoted in the newspaper making a silly comment about delivering a pizza to Michael Dukakis?

Only one of these stories is real.

Sorry, Mike! (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

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  1. I believe story number, one