April 9, 2013

True: I Like Mike

Well, that didn't take long. Just a couple of hours after I posted the Is It True? stories about a funny quote of mine in the newspaper, a sharp-minded former high school classmate came forward on my personal Facebook page with firsthand knowledge of which story was true.

It was story #1. In 1988, I was quoted in the paper saying, "I like Michael Dukakis because his name is fun to say."  Not only did my old classmate remember the quote, but he also recalled the results of the high school mock presidential election. I told you he had a sharp mind! According to Chris Molanphy, Bush won the student vote by a three-to-one margin while Dukakis won the faculty vote by a two-to-one margin. Interesting.

Story #2 was fiction. Fortunately, I was never quoted in the newspaper saying I had once delivered a pizza to Dukakis. I did, however, sprinkle some truth into this tale. Former Major League Baseball pitcher Joe Niekro's daughter really did attend my college. A few years later, his son went there too and is now the school's head baseball coach.

Now that the truth is out, I leave you with a bit of comedy from 1988. Thanks to some stranger on You Tube, here's the classic Dukakis automated podium lift from Saturday Night Live's debate parody, poking fun at this not-so-tall stature:

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