May 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 19

--- 1 ---
The "Reply All" button in email programs should come with a stern warning. When you click it, maybe it ought to say something like, "Are you really, really sure you want to reply to all 300 recipients of the original email just to say 'thanks'?"
--- 2 ---
The family minivan is going back to the Honda dealer tomorrow for recall work. Apparently, a robot on the assembly line may have forgotten to put a couple of rivets into the airbag mechanisms of about a zillion vehicles. While I'm happy to get this potential problem fixed at no cost, it's still a pain to have to leave the car there all day. I hope the robot was severely reprimanded (if that's permitted in its union contract).

--- 3 ---
Now I know why Wyndham calls some of its hotels, "Microtel." I had some out-of-state relatives visiting last weekend, and they stayed at a nearby Microtel. My six-year-old wanted to see their hotel room. Clearly the "micro" describes the size of the rooms. It also was really funny that the room had a little shelf and cushion under the window directly on top of the A/C unit. The hotel actually considers that an extra sleeping area (maybe for a tiny person). You can see it on the left side of the photo. Notice the giant mirror behind the bed, too. I suppose that's an attempt to make a little room look bigger.


--- 4 ---
Sometimes clever advertisements just don't work. I regret not taking a picture, but on the outside of the elevator door at the Microtel (I'm sorry to keep picking on them), there was an advertisement for the Round Rock Express baseball team showing a full-sized picture of a player in uniform. But they didn't plan this ad as well as they could have. You know that little circular emergency keyhole that's on the doors of elevators? Well, this little hole was right on the face of the baseball player. Whoever paid for this ad should get a refund. You'd think if nobody spotted this problem sooner, perhaps the person who physically intsalled the ad should have noticed this and said something.

--- 5 ---
If I were an elevator repairman, and you asked me what my job is like, I'd say, "It has its ups and downs." It's an old joke, but I happened to stumble upon this interesting Wall Street Journal story (using that joke as the headline) the other day. Clearly this lady did not design the elevators in the Ramada hotel in Atlanta back in the early 90s.

The Elevator Lady (Courtesy: Wall Street Journal)

--- 6 ---
I sure was proud of my daughter for breaking this mirror. Well, sort of. She and a friend from first grade were playing upstairs in her room and, somehow, broke her mirror. My wife heard the girls at the top of the stairs quietly conspiring that they would say that they didn't know how the mirror got broken. But by the time they got to the bottom of the stairs, my daughter must have remembered the Ten Commandments and immediately admitted that they were playing some sort of pushing game and were both responsible for breaking the mirror. Score one for the truth!

--- 7 ---
Post-game Gatorade bucket dumpings and shaving cream pies are getting out of hand. This one from the Washington Nationals broadcast got a lot of attention since it was the reporter's first day on the job.
Courtesy: Washington Post
I guess I'm okay with an occasional Gatorade dumping of a football coach after a really important victory (which used to be the only time this stuff would happen). But now it seems to have invaded the sacred baseball world and not a day goes by without someone idiot trying to be funny and interrupt his teammate's post game interview. Give it a rest, fellas.

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  1. #1: My work email got caught in an epic "reply all" cycle a couple years ago. The funniest part was that people would tell people to stop using "reply all"... by using "reply all". I had a sense of humor about the situation as did the other person in our office who got stuck in it but I'm guessing the originator was embarrassed.

  2. It's a hard cycle to break!