May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 20

--- 1 ---
Don't spike the football when you're killing flies. (I wonder if that would fit on a t-shirt or bumper sticker?) One morning this week, my six-year-old daughter spotted --gasp!-- a fly in our kitchen. It landed on on a chair, and the nearest makeshift weapon I could find was a Kleenex box. So I sneaked up, whacked the fly with the box, and it dropped, well, like a fly. We both saw the fly on the ground, presumably near death. It's not always easy to get a fly on the first try, so my kid and I celebrated with a demonstrative high five. But the fly must have been playing dead because as soon as he saw us gloating about his demise, he got up and flew away. I nailed him a little later with bug spray. So the moral of this quick take is: make sure the fly is really dead before you dance on its grave. 
--- 2 ---
How in the world did I miss the story from a couple of years ago about the Major League Baseball prospect quitting the game to become a priest? As a Catholic and a baseball fan, I should be ashamed for not hearing about this until now. Maybe I should mention it at my next confession. Anyway, it's a really remarkable story.

He used to swing a bat; now he swings censer.

--- 3 ---
Here's a great gift idea for the Catholic baseball fans in your life. Check out this baseball Rosary that my wife saw in a store recently. She didn't buy it for me, however, because I use a smartphone app instead of actual beads.

--- 4 ---
I cringe a little bit every time I hear my parish's opening announcements at Mass. They always say something like, "Please make sure your pagers and cell phones are in the silent mode." Pagers?!? Does anybody really carry a pager anymore? If so, please send it to the Smithsonian so they can put it on display next to a VCR.

--- 5 ---
It's nice to know that my daughter is paying attention to life's lessons. I think her spiritual knowledge is far ahead of the average first grader. The other day she said, "I think if I ever take the vocation of marriage, I should marry someone like [classmate] because he believes in God." Amen!

--- 6 ---
Whenever I hear about class action lawsuits against major corporations, I always assume the members of the class end up with about 50-cents each after all the legal fees are deducted. So it was a pleasant surprise last week when we received $100 from the class action settlement with Honda regarding our (former) Honda Civic Hybrid.

--- 7 ---
In other happy Honda news, I'm pleased to report that my wife's minivan has all of the necessary rivets in its airbag. Last week I grumbled about having to take it in for the airbag recall. But I only had to wait around long enough to drink two cups of coffee in the waiting room before the mechanic determined that our airbag was fine. But I don't plan on ever using it.

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  1. I once got a decent check on a Class Action law suit. It was an issue of a replacement bumper for my Chevy Lumia, in others I got a few cents.