May 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 21

--- 1 ---
It should be no surprise to hear that introverts prefer to do business via email (or text) rather than over the phone.  So it really bugs me when a business encourages you to contact them by email, but doesn't actually help you by email. This week I started having some trouble with a the Keurig Mini coffee maker that I keep on my desk at work. Nothing major, but they've been good in the past about replacing products when there's a problem. So I sent an email and received an immediate automatic response which basically said, "We're sorry you're having a problem. Please call us for help." Gee, thanks, but if I wanted to talk to you on the phone, I would have called in the first place.

--- 2 ---
I had a similar experience while checking online for how to replace this key. Apparently, I need to be gentler when I start the car. Anyway, I perused some locksmiths and car dealers on the web. I submitted a few online inquiries and only received one response which was just as helpful (sarcasm font) as the Keurig response above. The moral of the story is: Don't even offer customer service by email if you aren't actually going to try to help by email.

--- 3 ---
Introverts are lots of fun at parties (as long as we don't have to stay very long). I saw this clever pie chart on the Introverts are Awesome Facebook page.

But for me it would be a little different. I'm not worried about practicing conversations. I think the purple section should be the amount of alone time needed to decompress and recharge after a party.
--- 4 ---
Boy was it a shame that our pastor had to apologize from the pulpit. He said that some people were so angry and offended by him asking them to participate in the parish's capital campaign that he felt the need to apologize. Wow, it's sad to think that people were actually rude to him about it. If people don't wish to participate, I would recommend just saying, "No, thank you."

--- 5 ---
"It's time for Mr. Yucky Medicine." That's what my six-year-old said the other day before downing a shot of cherry-flavored cough medicine. Do the people who make cherry-flavored medicine actually think children will like the taste? Whatever the medicine tastes like without the flavoring must be really bad if the yucky cherry flavor is an improvement.

--- 6 ---
It's always amusing when your Amazon order falls just a few cents short of the $25 free shipping threshold. There are many websites out there where you can search for "filler" items in the exact amount that you need. That's how I acquired this lovely (sarcasm font, again) "GANZ by Laura Kelly Me & My Peeps stick-on character" for only 79-cents. The only other 79-cent item I found at the time was some crazy weight lost patch. So I opted for the "stick-on character" and gave it to my daughter. She was not impressed.

--- 7 ---
When I heard about the death of  Dr. Joyce Brothers this week, the first thing I thought of was baseball. Makes sense, right? Of course, I'm talking about what I think was her most notable accomplishment. I loved the scene in The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! where she appeared briefly as a baseball commentator along with Curt Gowdy, Tim McCarver, Jim Palmer, Dick Vitale, Mel Allen and Dick Enberg. That was brilliant comedy right there. And it reminds me of how much I don't like having three announcers calling a game at the same time. Just imagine seven.

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  1. #4 is a shame. You should never have to apologize for going whats right.

    1. Amy, that's exactly what many parishioners told him after Mass.

  2. It has to be yucky to prevent overdosing. Probably tastes.... the same without the flavoring, but as parents we buy it.

    1. Good point, Renee. When our daughter was a baby the doctor gave us Syrpalta to mix in with some of the yuckier meds. Syrpalta tastes so good I always said I wanted to pour it over ice cream!