May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 22

--- 1 ---
The most emotional stories from this week's tornadoes in Oklahoma are those of the teachers heroically trying to protect their students. One particular interview the morning after the storms caught my attention for a couple of reasons. Of course, it was amazing to hear one teacher describe how she huddled on top of her students on the floor of a bathroom as the tornado hit.

But the interview also made me uncomfortable in the way that the network sort of created a live television stunt by reuniting the teacher and one of the students in the middle of the interview. Clearly the teacher, the student and his mom would have preferred to keep chatting among themselves, but the reporter had to kind of coax them back in front of the camera. Check it out (but don't watch if you aren't prepared to cry):

--- 2 ---
I know that my daughter's first grade teacher would do anything she possibly could to protect her students. I felt that way after the Connecticut school shootings last year and again after this week's weather tragedy in Oklahoma.

--- 3 ---
My daughter has a way with words. We could write a book with all her funny quotes. The other day we gave her some pineapple slices to eat, and she said, "These taste like a toot!" The fruit was fine, and usually she loves it. But I think it clashed with the flavor of the liquid antibiotic she had just taken.

--- 4 ---
I did a double take in the parking lot of the church/school where I occasionally go to daily Mass during lunchtime. I had to take a closer look (and then snap this photo) to see if the word "only" was really misspelled. And sure enough, it was:

You can sort of tell that someone tried to "erase" the lines and convert the E back to an L. It kind of looks like the painter didn't have all the correct stencils either.

--- 5 ---
This slide show of clever corporate logos and their hidden messages caught my attention the this week. I've always thought the hidden white arrow in the FedEx logo was cool:

But it's silly that they included the NBC logo in the slideshow. The caption actually said that the peacock in the logo is, "Easy to overlook." Really? If you can't spot the peacock in the NBC logo, then I think it's time to visit the eye doctor:

--- 6 ---
From the celebrity lookalike file: I've often wondered why I've never seen retired pitcher and future baseball hall-of-famer Greg Maddux and Washington Post political writer Chris Cillizza in the same place.

Greg Maddux
Chris Cillizza

--- 7 ---
Tomorrow my seven-month-old daughter is getting dunked. Well, not exactly. The priest will just be pouring the water over her head. We'll have some interesting baptism stories to tell in our little family of four. Two traditional water-pouring baptisms as babies (wife and younger daughter); one emergency hospital baptism on day two of life (older daughter); and one full-immersion conditional baptism as an adult (me).

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