May 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 23

Today's edition of 7 Quick Takes Friday is brought to you by the letter B. That's B as in bikes, books, bees, bees (different kind), babies, baptism and barbecue.

--- 1 ---
Bikes: I can now cross a major milestone off the list for my six-year-old daughter. Over the weekend, she mastered riding a bike without training wheels. There was some divine intervention involved. We took her to our church's parking lot on Sunday and Monday afternoon to practice. Now she's a pro and wants to go bike riding with me all the time. So I had to dig my bike out of the garage, dust it off, inflate the tires and reacquaint my rear end with the seat.
--- 2 ---
Books: It takes more than a strong voice to sing in the church choir.  (No, I don't sing. Not even in the shower.) But my family did help the choir with some heavy lifting on Sunday afternoon. The church bought new hymnals to replace the ones that had been in use for 15 years. So a small but enthusiastic group of volunteers removed all the books and replaced them with 500 new ones that the church bought. Boy was I sore after that.

--- 3 ---
Bees: Something else was abuzz at church Sunday afternoon. One of the priests warned us about a HUGE bee's nest hanging from the side of the roof. Apparently these bees showed up and moved in all in the course of one day. Check out that big black blob of bees in the photo. I don't mind bees too much, but don't get me started on wasps.

--- 4 ---
Bees (Spelling): After reading about recent rule changes in the big national spelling bee, I feel compelled to reflect own my on brush with spelling fame and fortune, circa 1981. Well, there was neither fame nor fortune, but let me enjoy the moment anyway. Our fourth grade glass had a spelling bee, and my good friend and I were the last two people standing. The new word for him to spell was cartoon. He slowly said, C-A-R-T-O-O-N. I immediately thought, dang, I'll get a harder word and he'll win. But in a strange twist of fate, a couple of seconds after saying the letter N, my friend had a Dan Quayle moment (several years before the "potatoe" incident) and added an E, knocking my buddy out! So I spelled it correctly and won the fourth grade spelling bee. But I haven't spelled competitively since.
--- 5 ---
Babies: Wow, my seven-month-old daughter is sneaky. At that age, babies put anything and everything they can get their hands on into their mouths. On Memorial Day, we were innocently eating breakfast at the kitchen table. My wife was eating a bowl of Chex cereal and holding the baby in her lap. Suddenly in the blink of an eye, the baby swatted her hand on the edge of the bowl, dumping the cereal and milk into my wife's lap and on the floor. After being momentarily stunned, we lunged for the paper towels to clean up. Accidents happen, right? Or maybe this was all part of the baby's secret plan. As we started to clean up, I looked up and saw that she had a piece of Chex cereal in her little hand was licking it. So I have to give her credit for creating a diversion to get her hands on the cereal (that she's not old enough to eat).

--- 6 ---
Baptism: Two days earlier, our little cereal snatcher was baptized. I don't usually post family photos here, but for your viewing pleasure, here's a picture of her chilling out at the post-baptism party.

--- 7 ---
Barbecue: Here's the funniest Tweet I saw this week, courtesy of the Braves beat writer at the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Is there really such a thing as Miami-style ribs? I grew up in South Florida and have never heard of that. If Miami is known for ribs, then France must be known for its French fries and French dressing. Bon Appetit.
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  1. My little girl is nearly 8 months and has similar incidents at the table when either my husband or I are holding her. Mischievously clever, the lot of them at that age! She looks quite sweet (and innocent) in that beautiful baptismal gown.

  2. Thanks, Jane. Babies are a lot smarter than we think sometimes!