May 11, 2013

Living in the Moment

The story of the butterfly and the big fat woopey cooshin (sic), alog with numerous other butterfly-themed letters, crafts, drawings, sheets and curtains, now adorn the room of a five-year old cancer patient at the Dell Children's Medical Center in Austin.

Haleycurls for Hope Foundation
My six-year-old daughter, who's an amazing cancer survivor, likes to help out other kids who are going through the same thing she used to go through. So for her birthday party in 2011, instead of gifts she asked people to make a donation to the Haleycurls for Hope Foundation which was established in memory of a little girl she knew from their many hospital and clinic stays.

The money raised was used yesterday to decorate the hospital room of a little girl who loves butterflies. It was an honor for our family to be there and help bring joy to the girl and her family. We hadn't previously met them, but there's always in instant bond whenever we meet other families with children who have (or had) serious illnesses.

Here's a quick news clip from yesterday's event (sorry about the advertisement).

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