May 5, 2013

The Butterfly and the Big Fat Whoopie Cushion

There's a budding young comedy writer in my daughter's first grade class. (Keep reading, this one's worth it.)

As a happy and healthy cancer survivor, my daughter likes to raise money for charitable organizations that help other kids going through some of the same medical challenges that she once faced. One year, her birthday party was a fundraiser for the Haleycurls for Hope Foundation which was established in memory of a little girl my daughter knew from their many hospital and clinic stays.

The money raised at this party is now going to be used to decorate the hospital room of a young patient suffering from a serious illness. The little patient loves butterflies, so last month my daughter asked many of her school and church friends to make butterfly decorations and write letters of support to the girl.

Most of the letters were simple yet very sweet. But one little boy wrote a hilarious butterfly story, and I'm going to share it with you. I'll try to transcribe this exactly as it was written:

The butterfly and the big fat woopey cooshin by (Name)
Wonce there was a butterfly that just came out of its cacon. So it had to start looking for food. So he whent every whear to find food. So first we went to the park but he could ent find any food. So he whent to a nearby school. So he whent to the cafetiria he found food but he didn't like it. So he whent back to the park. This time he thout he found food but it was a woope cooshin. So he bit it and it went fabert! The end.

Is that brilliant, or what?

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