June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 24

--- 1 ---
I need help with a math problem. Or maybe it's a religious problem. Or perhaps it's both. At daily Mass on Monday, the priest started off his homily like this: "I can summarize today's readings in four words- temperance and patience." I spent the next couple of minutes (when I should have been paying attention to what else he said) replaying that sentence in my head and trying to figure out how that adds up to four words!

--- 2 ---
From pianist to priest: Tomorrow, the former choir director who played the piano at our wedding back in 2005 (actually, we've been married since 2004; but that's another story) will be ordained a priest. I'm not sure what parish he'll be assigned to, but the choir better be on its toes whenever he celebrates Mass. 

--- 3 ---
The day after I wrote about cell phones ringing in church, several of them rang during our parish's observation of the special hour of adoration.  But I was sitting too far away to be able to determine whether the offenders were lungers, concealers, bailers, bumblers or innocent victims. It was a good ceremony nonetheless.

--- 4 ---
It's a cliche to say that kids grow up so fast. But they do. I was both sad and proud to drop my daughter off at school on Tuesday morning for her last day as a first grader. Once I got past the daily stress of getting her up, fed, dressed and out the door each morning, I really enjoyed our daddy/daughter time that we spent waiting in the school lobby for the first bell to ring each day. Then on the first day after the school year ended, she asked me why I don't get a summer break too. Awwww. I wish I did.

--- 5 ---
My daughter's school always made a big deal about offering healthy options in the cafeteria, but apparently not on the last day of school. The entree choice was a hot dog or a corn dog. I guess the hot dog was the healthier option. (And thank goodness we almost always pack her lunch.)

--- 6 ---
Food and patriotism go hand in hand. I never saw this until the end of the school year, but my daughter drew this a few months ago when the first graders were asked why they love America on September 11.

--- 7 ---
Have you heard about the new line of Hello Kitty accessories for men? Neither have I. But in a pinch, I had to borrow my daughter's lunchbox yesterday. Nobody at work noticed.

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  1. #7- Yeah, right :-) . Thanks, that put a smile on my face.