June 14, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 25

--- 1 ---
I am not emotionally attached to my former real estate agent. But apparently, he wants us to be. It's been six years since he sold our old house. Once in a while, we get junk mail from his office. But the letter we received this week gave me a good laugh. In an act of desperation after his signature, it said, "P.S. Please call me just to catch up on things - I would love to hear from you!" Gee, how nice that he wants to catch up (sarcasm font).

--- 2 ---
I rarely dig into my email spam folder. But I glanced at it the other day to see if I had missed something. One of the spam email subject lines said, "I demand that you read this alert entirely!" I guess that's the email equivalent of getting junk (snail) mail that says, "Urgent, open immediately." In either case, I'm not opening it.

--- 3 ---
For every funny warning label, there must be (at least) one person out there who tried to do something that was -- uhhh -- not too bright. Take, for example, this little toy plastic fire extinguisher that's in our playroom.

The packaging actually said, "Warning: This is a toy. Do not use to fight fires." I feel sorry for the person whose house caught on fire and reached for this toy to put it out.
--- 4 ---
Everyone makes mistakes, but it's especially glaring to see a typo on a mass-produced product. Or is my daughter's Giant Ink Pad supposed to be "fade resident?"

--- 5 ---
"Well, at least she has nice leg." That was the response from one of my comedically-gifted Facebook friends after I posted this picture. My daughter was disappointed that a leg broke off one of her Polly Pockets dolls. But she improvised and came up with this. I'm both frightened and amused.

--- 6 ---
We had a spiritually-powerful weekend. On Saturday, we attended the ordination ceremony of five new priests. We know three of them: One was from our parish, another spent his pastoral year at our parish, and the third one was the former music director at the parish where we got married (and he played the piano at our wedding). Then on Sunday we attended our parish priest's first Mass.

Courtesy: Diocese of Austin via Facebook

--- 7 ---
There's no such thing as a free lunch. The receipt from the restaurant where we ate after the ordination ceremony had a link to an online survey. So I filled it out and mentioned that I really liked the food but didn't like two things:

1) We had ask -- twice! -- for silverware and napkins.
2) We occasionally had to shoo a fly away from our food.

The next day, I received a voice mail from the manager saying he put my name on their "VIP list" for two free entrees on our next visit. I have mixed feelings about this. I wasn't angling for a freebie, and the "VIP list" is probably a euphemism for the you-know-what list.

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