June 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 26

--- 1 ---
May I pour you a refreshing glass of chlorine? Our water provider is doing a "chlorine burn out" over the next few weeks. As a result, everyone's water smells like chlorine and has a brown tinge with some occasional sediment in it. But the city swears it's safe to drink. Every time I look in the toilet, I always want to accuse my kid of not flushing. But it's just the discolored water. Gross. Fortunately, what comes out of the filtered water dispenser in our fridge tastes, smells and looks fine.

--- 2 ---
If I get desperate for something to drink, I'll just reach for my printer. Yes, I found another silly warning label as I was replacing the ink cartridge. Someone out there must have opened one of them up and decided that the ink would be good to drink. Hence this warning from Epson on the box and the product specification sheet:

--- 3 ---
Does it count? I think so. On Monday I went to confession at lunchtime at a parish near my workplace but had a hard time understanding the priest's accent. I made a good faith effort to do what I think my penance was. But honestly, I really couldn't understand everything he said. Yes, I should have asked him to repeat it. But my fear was that he would say it again and I still wouldn't understand. It may have been easier had it been a face-to-face confession. But this was an old-style confession booth, so that was not an option. I hate admitting this because I don't want it to sound like I would have preferred a priest without an accent.

--- 4 ---
Clearly I was not destined to get my oil changed on Father's Day weekend. This could (and may still) be a blog post of its own. But the short summary is that the first place I went to made me wait along time before even asking me what I needed; then the worker didn't seem to know what transmission fluid was. So I said never mind and left. Next, I dropped my car off at another place that said it would take about an hour-and-a-half for an oil change, tire rotation and changing transmission fluid. I went back three hours later and after stumbling around to check on the stat us of my car, the manager said they hadn't even started the work. So I bailed on this place too.

--- 5 ---
I think about 95 percent of what comes in my (snail) mailbox is junk mail and goes directly into the shredder/recycle pile. I'd give you a more accurate percentage but, well, I'm no math expert. Maybe Kramer on Seinfeld was on to something when he tried to cancel his mail service.

Courtesy: huttotx.gov
--- 6 ---
It's been many years since I've subscribed to an old-fashioned hard-copy newspaper. It's just too easy and convenient to get the same information electronically. But the local community paper likes to deliver the paper to everyone in our neighborhood every once in a while in an attempt to get people to subscribe. It's sort of pain to have to walk out to the driveway, pick up the newspaper and then toss it into the recycle bin. Maybe if I leave the recycle bin out front, the paper delivery person can save me the trouble and throw the unwanted newspaper directly into the bin.
--- 7 ---
My favorite scene from The Sopranos is... Well, I have no idea. I've never seen the show. (Remember, I don't watch much TV.) But judging by all the media coverage of the death of James Gandolfni this week, he seems to be more revered than professional athletes, world leaders and other celebrities.

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