July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 29

--- 1 ---
It's unanimous: I'm an introvert.  This week I had to take the famous Myers-Briggs personality test. I've taken it many times before, so it was certainly no surprise that my first letter is I rather than E (for extrovert). But this time around, the results were crystal clear. There were 26-questions used to determine whether a person is an I or an E. On my answer sheet, "I" scored a perfect 26-0. I guess you could say, "The ayes have it." I'm not overly impressed by personality and self-help tests. But for the record, my full result was ISTJ.

Courtesy: personalityworld.com
--- 2 ---
On the same day I took that test, I found this great cartoon on the Introverts Are Awesome Facebook page. A human-sized hamster ball? Yes, please!

--- 3 ---
The plane crash in San Francisco last weekend reminded me of something I've always wondered. If you're ever in a tragic situation where suddenly you feel like you are seconds away from sudden death, is there a particular payer you should say?
--- 4 ---
Prayer did not come to mind during my scariest moment on a plane back in the 80s. (This was long before faith became a prominent part of my life.) I was on a flight into La Guardia in New York with a blizzard bearing down. During final approach, it was quite obvious that the weather was severe. I remember that the plane was wildly shifting from side to side. It was like no other landing I had experienced before or since. I found out later that our flight was the last one to land before they shut down the airport. As soon as the plane touched down, the pilot said over the intercom, "Welcome to New York. The winds were fierce out there, and it's lucky we made it." I exchanged glances with the stranger in the seat next to me. Excuse me? Did the pilot just say what I think he said?
--- 5 ---
Once on a flight from West Palm Beach to Tampa in the 90s, the plane encountered some clear air turbulence and dropped altitude rather abruptly. The flight attendants who were serving drinks at the time had to lunge to hold on so they wouldn't get thrown to the ground. I appreciated that the pilot had a sense of humor about it (since nobody was hurt). He said on the intercom, "I've ordered the flight attendants to discontinue cabin service for the remainder of the flight. I apologize to those of you who didn't get a drink and to those of you who got a drink and are now wearing it in your lap."

--- 6 ---
Now a public service announcement about flying: Please remember that the crew members on a commercial flight are there for a primary reason: to keep you safe. They aren't there just to get you a bag of peanuts and a pillow. So don't forget to smile and say thank you to the crew on your way off the plane. Even if the flight was late and you're having a bad day, don't forget to say thanks.

--- 7 ---
Baseball's All Star Game is next week, but despite being a lifelong baseball fan, I never get excited about the midsummer classic anymore. If the fans get to vote (as they do), then it should be an exhibition game and have no bearing on home field advantage during the World Series. Interleague play also has diluted the fun of seeing NL and AL players opposing each other. And I especially don't like the Home Run Derby that takes place the night before the All Star Game. It is excruciating the way ESPN drags it out into a three hour event. I haven't watched it in several years. Does Chris Berman still do play-by-play for the derby? His silly nickname routine hasn't been funny since the 90s.

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  1. Particular prayer for sudden death--Act of Contrition. If no time, a heartfelt "God, I'm sorry." will suffice.

  2. Karyn, that sounds like a good idea. Someone on Relevant Radio suggested the Memorare.