July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 30

--- 1 ---
Loosen your belt before you look this this picture. Last Sunday some out-of-town visitors borrowed our daughter after Mass and went to "World Famous" Round Rock Donuts. (Locals know that as the place with the interestingly yellow/orange-colored donuts that people seem to go crazy for.) As an alternative to buying a dozen donuts, you can buy one giant donut for the same price. So our visitors brought one back to our house and snapped this photo before digging in.

I dare you to eat the whole thing
--- 2 ---
My prayer has been answered. Well, let me clarify that. My prayer question has been answered. Last Friday I was wondering what's a good prayer to say if you're facing a sudden, tragic death. Via email, the Host of Morning Air on Relevant Radio suggested the Memorare (because it's his boss' favorite prayer!).

--- 3 ---
So, what have you been up to since the 80s? That's the first thing I asked at lunch the other day. I met up with an old buddy of mine whom I had not seen since we went to the same camp in North Carolina for a few summers in the 80s. Thanks to Facebook, we figured out that we now live in the same city. The last time we talked, we were young teenagers. Now, we both have wives and children. It was interesting catching up.

--- 4 ---
We all encounter those annoying but sometimes necessary CAPTCHA questions online where you have to type in the words before submitting something. But I was fearful this week when I spotted this complicated mathematical CAPTCHA:

Even with my limited math skills, I was able to figure that one out. But if they ever do long division, fractions or calculus (whatever that is), I'll be toast.

--- 5 ---
My (almost) seven-year old asked an interesting question during the All-Star Game Tuesday Night. She wanted to know if baseball players have to throw with either their right or left hand. I told her it depends on whether you are right or left handed. But she said she would prefer to throw and catch with her right hand. I told her that isn't how it works since she, as a right hander, would have to put the glove on her left hand. But then I remembered a rare exception and explained to her how Jim Abbott used to play with only one hand.

Courtesy: JimAbbott.net

--- 6 ---
I'm not a Yankees fan, but during the All-Star Game it was hard not to tear up while watching the reception future Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera received when he came into the game. It's worth watching the video if you haven't seen it or want to re-live the moment.

--- 7 ---
Now wipe away your tears with a quick laugh. Check out this cartoon I found online this week.

Courtesy: Ragan.com
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