July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 31 (7 for 7 Edition)

--- 1 ---
This is (only!) day five of 7 posts for 7 days. Since it also happens to be 7 Quick Takes Friday, this post will serve as your CliffsNotes version of my week-long 7 for 7 extravaganza. Since the city of Detroit has been in the news for its bankruptcy, I've been spending the week sharing a little about my experience living and working in Detroit from mid-1997 to mid-1998.

--- 2 ---
On Monday, I shared some of the interesting things about my job interview in Detroit. The TV station flew me up from Tampa for a daylong interview. Let's face it: A daylong anything is excruciating for an introvert. But I was used to this sort of thing during my news days, so I toughed it out, got the job and moved to Detroit a few weeks later. Just to make that interview day a little more interesting, the TV station forgot to pay for my plane ticket (but reimbursed me later), and on the return flight home, the passenger next to me spilled her drink all over me.

--- 3 ---
Tuesday's post focused on my interesting boss in Detroit. Well, he became my new boss just a few weeks after I started the job when the guy who hired me mysteriously disappeared. Or perhaps you could say he was fired. The new guy had an interesting style. He encouraged the newsroom staff to read The National Enquirer, and right in the middle of a newscast one day, I had a phone conversation with him that would have made Richard Pryor blush.

--- 4 ---
Wednesday's edition was the saddest of the week. Just a few days after I started the new job, something happened that ended up dominating the headlines for the rest of the year that I was there. Not long after the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup championship, a player and trainer were critically injured (and to this day have never fully recovered) when a pot-smoking, unlicensed limousine driver fell asleep at the wheel and ran into a tree head-on.

--- 5 ---
Thursday was union appreciation day, sort of.  When I started the job at the Detroit TV station, as a non-union employee I had to re-train my brain in order to comply with union rules. Simple things that I used to do every day in other TV newsrooms were suddenly off limits because they were union jobs. Even pressing an eject button to remove a videotape from an editing deck was a big no-no.

--- 6 ---
Today's Friday, so there's no need to summarize the post you are reading right now. But on Saturday, I'll write about my experience with winter in Detroit. Keep in mind that I'm a Florida native, and the Sunshine State is the only place I had ever (permanently) lived until I went to Detroit. At the time, the locals said the winter we were having was light by Detroit standards. But it was plenty of winter for me.

--- 7 ---
Sunday's post will be my last chance to cram in anything funny or interesting about my Detroit experience. I haven't written it yet, but a few topics I'm kicking around are: Stupid geese, newspaper wars, Dr. Kevorkian, the Canadian border, pizza angel and more. See ya tomorrow.

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