August 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 32

--- 1 ---
Every time a new smartphone rings, a portable GPS dies. What a great line! I heard it in a story on Marketplace about how smartphones are reducing the sales of GPS units and point-and-shoot cameras. I wonder how some of these GPS makers will stay in business. But, I suppose that video didn't really kill the radio star, did it?

--- 2 ---
It's been a banner year for class action lawsuits in the Adam Introvert household. I barely even remembered that we were part of a class against Sprint for its early termination fees when a $70 check arrived in the mail. Earlier this year, we received $100 from Honda regarding gas mileage claims. The extra influx of cash is always nice, but I'd rather just have things work properly.

--- 3 ---
It was fun following the World Youth Day events in Brazil thanks to the frequent internet updates from a group of teens from our parish in attendance. Maybe you'll see them if you look really, really closely at this aerial image of the three million people on the beach for the pope's Mass last Sunday.

Courtesy: ABC
--- 4 ---
It's interesting the way the secular media reported on the pope's press conference during his flight back from World Youth Day. I'm not a theologian, but I'm pretty sure that everything he said was consistent with Catholic teaching. Maybe he just has a more conversational and relatable way of explaining things. Incidentally, it's quite obvious that the pope is an extrovert and loves to be among people. I'd be a lousy pope since I'd hide inside the Vatican all day.
--- 5 ---
Have you ever tried explaining baseball's non-waiver trade deadline to a child? For the second year in a row, my daughter, who's almost seven, overheard me mention it and asked me what it means. I told her that sometimes a team will want another team's player. So they trade players and switch uniforms. She was cool with that part. But I totally lost her when I said that teams can still trade players after the July 31 deadline as long as they clear the waiver wire.

--- 6 ---
I don't know if my daughter will grow up to be a baseball fan, but sometimes she enjoys hanging out with me when I'm watching a Braves game on TV (via Roku) or my phone. She must have been paying attention when they played the Mets recently, because I found this at the top of our recycle pile this week:

I appreciate that she's incorporating baseball into hangman, but I'll have to work with her on the proper use of an apostrophe. 

--- 7 ---
Can you smell me now? Put your nose up to the screen and see if you can smell the cuff of this shirt.

Before leaving for work on Wednesday, I carefully dropped my coffee mug into a pot that soaking in our kitchen sink. Some of the water from the pot splashed my cuff. The water itself wasn't a problem, but I wondered if my shirt would smell like dirty dishwater.

So I grabbed the Febreze and squirted my cuff a couple of times. Big mistake. My sleeve smelled perfumey for the rest of the day. I tried to keep my hand in my pocket as much as possible at work. I would have been better off smelling like the previous night's pasta sauce.

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