August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 33

--- 1 ---
I rolled out a new look on the blog this week. Props to Jenna Riley Design + Creative.

--- 2 ---
I need to add a new category of people whose phones ring in church.  At daily Mass on Monday, an older gentleman's cell phone rang while he was on his way back to the pew after receiving communion, and he actually answered it and talked for a few seconds. Keep in mind, this was a daily Mass with no music. So the church was otherwise quiet at the time.

--- 3 ---
St. John Vianney is my pal. Last Sunday was his feast day, and it's also the name of the church in the Austin, Texas area where I went through RCIA and received several sacraments back in 2005. St. John Vianney is the patron saint of priests. It always fascinated me that he was apparently not very bright but was very dedicated to the faith and sometimes spent 16 to 18 hours a day hearing confession.


--- 4 --
If God had wanted us to use the metric system, he’d have given us 10 apostles. (Credit to @JimSichko) As a confessed math hater, all I can say to that is: Amen.

--- 5 ---
Imagine you're standing over the washing machine and see this label. What would you do?

This is the first time I've encountered an item of clothing that only used the symbols to explain the care instructions. Usually labels include the text too. So I had to look it up on the web. In case you're scoring home, this label says you should:

  • Wash in cold water on the permanent press setting
  • Do not use bleach
  • Iron (dry or steam) on low
  • Do not dry clean
  • Tumble dried on low

--- 6 ---
Lookout below. Whenever I use a certain communal restroom during the workday, I'm always prepared to duck and cover. It's nice that the bathroom has this automatic air-freshener that belches out a squirt of perfume every few minutes. But did they have to put it right above the sink so that the spray rains down on you?

This thing will get you when you least expect it.

--- 7 ---
Quick, what kind of animal is this?

My nine-month-old is starting to take interest in some of the (non-choking hazard) Little People toys that our older daughter used to play with (and still does). For years, this animal has puzzled us. It has the snout and tail of a pig, but it's painted like a cow. It must be some sort of cross breed.

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  1. Teenagers do laundry at our house. We have two piles, pretty light and pretty dark. All get washed in cold water; all get thrown in the drier (unless mom pulls them out). Most survive.

    1. I can relate to that. But I call the piles "sort of white" and "not white."

  2. The pig/cow was likely made in China and contains lead!
    -E. Shaivitz

    1. If we ate it, it would probably taste like meat loaf.