August 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 36

--- 1 ---
The first day of school every year proves that my daughter is not destined to be as introverted as her dad. Sure, she's reserved like her parents. But our little second grader, who's not so little anymore, is always excited to go back to school. When I was a kid I generally dreaded going back to school. It's not that I didn't like school. I just feared the uncertainty and the forced social interaction.

--- 2 ---
Before school resumed this week we had to outfit her with some new footwear. After trying on several pairs, she finally didn't hate these:

They're Nikes, but thankfully they weren't as expensive as Air Jordans. (Do they still make Air Jordans now that Michael Jordan is halfway to 100?)

Can His Airness still do this? Courtesy: Wikipedia

--- 3 ---
My daughter and her new teacher have something in common. They are both cancer survivors. Unfortunately, being a cancer patient and/or survivor is hardly an exclusive club. But hopefully it'll help them form a nice teacher/student bond.

--- 4 ---
Who's the advertising expert who came up with this? 

I'm no math genius, but even I know that a 28-ounce bag of cereal is twice as much as the 14-ounce size. Does anyone actually read this on the label and get excited? I don't want to complain though. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (or its Malt-o-Meal equivalent) is about the best tasting cereal out there.

--- 5 ---
One of the smartest things ever added to self-serve gas pumps was the ability not to receive a receipt. Who wants all those little pieces of paper cluttering up their car? And don't forget all the people who drive off with their receipt still sticking out of the printer on the pump. But I needed a receipt the other day since I also purchased a car wash. Just my luck, the printer was out of paper, so I had to walk into the Exxon/7-11 to ask for a copy. The first words out of the cashier's mouth were, "Would you like to try a hot dog or a cheese taquito?" No, thanks. Poor guy, does he have to say that to every single person who walks in?

I just wanted a receipt, not a stomach ache. Courtesy:

--- 6 ---
While we're on the category of things I don't want to eat, why is it always such a big news story when fast food restaurants come up with some ridiculously unhealthy concoction? A few weeks ago it was some sort of taco wrapped in a waffle. Now this week some other chain is putting french fries on its burgers. That's almost as crazy as Bill Cosby's "bacon burger dogs" on The Cosby Show.

Just say no. Courtesy: NBC News

--- 7 ---
I think my mechanic needs a nap. I asked for a tire rotation, but according to my bill, he gave the car a "tired rotation" instead. As one my Facebook contacts said, I'd gladly pay $20 for a tired rotation if it made me less tired.

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