August 13, 2013

My Daughter's Hidden Secret

My daughter turns seven on Friday, or at least that's what I thought. The other night she decided to let me in on a little secret. She was in her bed and having trouble falling asleep after a busy day. So I sat down on the beanbag that's next to her bed and told her I'd stick around until she fell asleep.

She finally quieted down, but then we had a really funny conversation. It went something like this:

DAUGHTER: Daddy, I'm thinking of telling you and Mommy a secret.

ADAM: Okay.

DAUGHTER: I will wait so I can tell both you and Mommy. Or should I tell you first?

ADAM: Well, do you want to tell me now?

DAUGHTER: Daddy, you decide.

ADAM: Okay. Since I'm sitting right here then you can tell me now.

DAUGHTER: I'll tell you, and then you can tell Mommy later.

ADAM: That sounds good. After you fall asleep and I go back to my room then I'll tell Mommy.

DAUGHTER: But then you and Mommy can't tell anyone else. 

ADAM: Don't worry. Remember, you should always feel comfortable talking to me and Mommy.


ADAM: So what is it?

DAUGHTER: Well, I think I'm going to wait and unlock the secret when I turn ten.

ADAM: Oh, so you don't want to tell me the secret for three more years?

DAUGHTER: [She thought about it for a few seconds.] Okay, the secret is that I'm actually nine-years-old.

ADAM: [Laughter] Really? How long have you been keeping this secret?

DAUGHTER: Since I was six.

ADAM: But you're six right now, and you're turning seven on Friday.

DAUGHTER: [Laughter] Actually, I will be turning ten. 

ADAM: [Laughter] Then you'll probably be the smartest kid in second grade this year. I'll let Mommy know. Goodnight.

DAUGHTER: Goodnight.

For the record, I was in the delivery room and have her birth certificate. She is turning seven on Friday.

Courtesy: Texas Department of State Health Services

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