September 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 37

--- 1 ---
We ate at a holy restaurant the other day, but it was hardly a religious experience. Actually, it was a holey restaurant. Part of the dining area was cordoned off with signs that said, "Pardon our dust while we make building repairs." The manager said a neon sign caught fire and burned a hole in the roof. My observant seven year old noticed that the hole was right above our table!

--- 2 ---
I'm on the lookout for good Rosary podcasts. I like the one I downloaded from a place called Rosary Army, but occasionally I have problems with it. The commute home from work is a great time for this important daily prayer. But I prefer to have it on a podcast since it's sometimes too hard to concentrate while driving. I was about to tell you my brilliant idea of making a steering wheel cover with Rosary beads built in. But I just did a web search and discovered that millions of people have already thought of this.


--- 3 ---
I know all parents think their baby is the cutest one in the world. But mine really is!

--- 4 ---
Are you ready for some gripping reality TV? I pressed record on my phone video cam and handed it to my 10-month-old so you can get an idea of what her life is like for a few seconds. You'll get a decent view of her feet and Michelin man legs.

--- 5 ---
There are some sentences in which it's especially bad to misplace a modifier. I heard this on the radio the other day: "The president is making the case for attacking Syria for using chemical weapons in Sweden."

--- 6 ---
I saw an advertisement for an "Extreme Flag Football" league for kids. What do you think they do to make flag football extreme? Maybe there's barbed wire on the flags.
--- 7 ---
People will try to wrap just about anything in bacon these days. I read a news story about a new bacon-wrapped car. Too bad the exhaust doesn't smell like bacon.
Courtesy: USA Today
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