October 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 42

--- 1 ---
I really missed the boat on this one. I was very impressed the other day when I saw this web banner promoting the New American Bible, Revised Edition:

"Love your NABRE." Is that new marketing campaign by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) brilliant or what? Brilliant, yes. New, no. Upon further review, I discovered that this theme was from 2011. Oops. I need to pay closer attention. 

--- 2 ---
For my penance, I will take the time to check the web before going to confession. I have a mini sequel to my Confession, Interrupted incident back in January. When I ducked out of work at lunchtime on Monday and arrived at the cathedral in our diocese, I was greeted at the door by a sign that said there would be no confession Monday - Wednesday since the priests were out. Just my luck.

--- 3 ---
I'm not the world's greatest sleeper. And my deficiencies in the ZZZZZZZZ department made me miss an entire Braves playoff baseball game on Monday. A couple of hours after going to bed Sunday night, I woke up at 12:42 a.m. and couldn't fall back to sleep. Arrgh! So after staying up all night and then having a busy day at work, I was wiped out by the time the game started at 8:37 p.m. local time. If it's any conciliation, I didn't have to watch the Braves get eliminated from the postseason that night.

--- 4 ---
One perk of being a lifelong Braves fan is that I've become desensitized to postseason disappointment. Life continued on Tuesday, and I wasn't too disappointed.  It's nothing like when the Braves lost the most exciting World Series in history in 1991. I still remember being in shock even the next morning while standing in the shower.

--- 5 ---
I am displaying my college pride, thanks to my daughter's elementary school. A few weeks ago the school had "team shirt day" and encouraged kids to wear college team shirts. Around here it was no surprise to mostly see University of Texas and Texas A&M garb. But our kid has no college apparel, so we sent her to second grade in her pink Atlanta Braves jersey. But then last week I realized that after all these years, I have nothing from my college. So I added this to my wardrobe:

--- 6 ---
Don't let the shirt fool you. I didn't play baseball in college. The last time I actually played organized baseball was about 24-years ago in high school. Of course, by "play" I mean just putting on a uniform and sitting on the bench most of the time. And it wasn't exactly the varsity team either.

--- 7 ---
I wish I had seen this myself so I could have taken a picture. My wife and daughter were admiring some of the other students' work posted on the walls at the elementary school. One kid was supposed to write about something that bugged him. So he said, "I don't like ducks because they quack all the time."

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