October 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 43

--- 1 ---
Just as I was grumbling that the spelling words in my daughter's second grade class are easier than last year's words, the teacher threw us a curve. One of last week's bonus spelling words was narwhal. Of course, everyone (except for me) knows that a narwhal is is a medium-sized toothed whale that lives year-round in the Arctic. Is this a word that comes up regularly in conversations among second graders?

(Photo/Definition Courtesy: Wikipedia)
--- 2 ---
Long gone are the days when my daughter gets rainbows, stars, stickers, unicorns and smiley faces for good work. She just received her first report card in second grade, and now she actually gets real grades (numbers, not letters). I don't remember the grading system when I was in second grade, but I do remember learning cursive that year. I guess that doesn't happen anymore.

--- 3 ---
Quick! I need help with the last line in my daughter's math homework. You're supposed to figure out the pattern and fill in the missing numbers. The line above it is an easy one. But I'm stumped on the last one. Is this really second grade math? (Yesterday the teacher conceded that this question was a little too hard.)

--- 4 ---
Either I'm getting older or the qualifications for the position of phlebotomist are getting easier. I got a flu shot yesterday. The 12-year-old boy who administered the shot did a good job.

--- 5 ---
I was really looking forward to buying an Atlanta Braves 2013 World Series Champion t-shirt this year. But alas, I had to settle for a National League East Division Champion shirt instead. It was a little disappointing when it arrived in the mail this week. It's just not the same.

--- 6 ---
I think it would be a little intimidating to play against the Vatican. I read that the Vatican is raising the importance of sports by fielding its own cricket team. I wonder if the team will get a little help from above. It reminds me of when Bill Swerski's Superfans (on SNL) did football predictions in the 90s and wondered who would win if the Chicago Bears played against God. As I recall, they said God would win but the score would be close!

--- 7 ---
You can learn some customer service skills from The Three Stooges. (Notice that I didn't say good customer service skills.) This gem came from The Three Stooges Facebook page from the episode Playing the Ponies when they were working in a restaurant:

Customer: What is this, pork or veal? 
Moe: Whadya’ order? 
Customer: Veal. 
Moe: Then it’s veal!

(Photo courtesy: vimeo.com)

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