October 14, 2013

Remember the 80s (in the men's room)

I had an 80s flashback in the bathroom at church the other day. The day chapel at my parish is an old building with some very bare-bones restrooms. In fact, the small men's room also doubles as a storage closet for cleaning supplies.

I rarely visit this particular men's room; but the other day nature called, so in I went. Somehow I never paid attention to this before, but there was a vacuum in the corner of the bathroom. That was odd enough since there's no carpeting in the chapel. But what really struck me was the name and age of this particular model. Take a look:

It's a Hoover Decade 80. I don't usually take pictures in the can, but it was too good to pass up. This thing was probably state-of-the-art technology during the Carter administration. (I'm guessing it was introduced before the 80s to make it sound cool and futuristic.)

Not being one to miss the opportunity for a good joke, I tweeted a picture of the Hoover Decade 80 and said it was time to donate it to the Smithsonian. Little did I know that this vacuum is somewhat of a hot property, apparently. An astute Twitter follower tweeted back with a link to a video posted by a vacuum collector. Check it out if you want to see the ol' Hoover Decade 80 in action with some interesting play-by-play narrative:

In the video, the collector proudly said, "I've always wanted a Hoover Decade 80." If he wants another one, perhaps my church can make a deal!

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