November 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 45

--- 1 ---
I received a package from UPS that was neither smoldering nor covered in cactus spines. You'll see why that's important in a moment. Last Friday Amazon alerted me that a shipment I was expecting would be late due to a problem with the shipper's aircraft or truck. Well, that wasn't exactly accurate. A quick look at the UPS tracking showed a much different transportation problem:

That's right, my package was on a train that crashed in the Mojave Desert. I'm glad nobody was hurt. And to the credit of UPS, the package arrived just a couple of days behind schedule.

--- 2 ---
Some restaurants go overboard with their Halloween decorations. The place where I ate on Saturday had a sign on the men's room door that said, "Enter If You Dare!" And a sign on the ladies' room said, "Enter At Your Own Risk!" Forget about Halloween. That's how I feel about public restrooms all year long.

--- 3 ---
How long has this Boo Gram stuff been going on? I had never heard of it until last week when our house got Boo'd. So we did the honorable thing and Boo'd two of our neighbors, according to the rules.

--- 4 ---
This year marks the (approx.) 34th anniversary of the great glowing Halloween skeleton incident that left me scarred to this day.

--- 5 ---
It's official: she's one. Last Saturday we celebrated our younger daughter's first birthday. It would be trite to post the obligatory photo of a baby making a mess of her first birthday cake. So instead I offer you these pictures of the birthday girl getting her hair brushed by her 20-month old cousin, followed by a birthday hug. Don't forget to say, "Awwwwwwwwww."

--- 6 ---
"Orange" you glad you're drug free? It's Red Ribbon Week at my older daughter's elementary school. I wonder how much thought the school put into creating these daily themes:

If they run out of ideas for anti-drug color themes for next year, here are some suggestions that I didn't put much thought into either.

  • Monday - Wear maroon because drugs make you swoon.
  • Tuesday - Wear yellow because drugs will kill a fellow.
  • Wednesday - Wear brown because drugs will make you frown.
  • Thursday- Wear green because drugs will make you mean.
  • Friday -- Wear purple because drugs will make you look like a horse's curple.

--- 7 ---
My iPhone seems to have picked up on my religion. Apparently I write to priests far more than to doctors, because every time I try to write "Dr." the autocorrect tries to change it to "Fr."

--- P.S. ---
Happy All Saints Day. If you're Catholic then your priest better either see you in Mass today or in confession tomorrow.
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  1. Your daughter and my son share a birthday, then. :)