November 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 46 (Balls of doom, soggy principal, partisan plant and more)

--- 1 ---
Would you let your child do this?


I did last weekend at an elementary school fair and then later learned about the safety warnings of the "Water Walking Balls." In retrospect, I'm glad I was within reach of my daughter the entire time and that the balls were only in a few inches of water in an inflatable pool. But apparently, some places use these balls on the open water, and there's no way to get out unless someone on the outside unzips you. Scary.

--- 2 ---
On a happier note, a school fair isn't complete until your kid dunks the principal:

--- 3 ---
The change back to standard time came and went with little fanfare. Even though we're supposed to appreciate "falling back," of course people on social media still found reasons to complain about it: "I would have enjoyed the extra hour of sleep if not for [pick your favorite whiny excuse: the kids, the dog, the job, the rain, global warming, allergies, the burrito I ate for dinner last night, congress].

--- 4 ---
I voted on Tuesday. And since my daughter's elementary school is a polling place, she stood there with me while I punched the ballot (figuratively speaking). It reminded me of the days when my dad would take me to the polls on election day on the way to school. Thankfully now there are computers; so the kind, elderly election volunteer doesn't have to look through a thousand pages to find my name.

--- 5 ---
I never wear the little "I voted" stickers that poll workers sometimes force you to take. So when I got to work I stuck it on the plant in my office. Now whenever anyone comes in, I tell them that my plant always votes for the Green Party candidate. (Some of these jokes practically write themselves.)

--- 6 ---
I've never been a big Star Wars fan (although I do remember seeing it for the first time in the theater as a small child in 1976), but I'm posting this chart that I found on Facebook to keep up with the introvert shtick. Now you can take the results of the Myers-Briggs personality test and figure out which Star Wars character you would be. As in ISTJ, that makes me Owen Lars. I don't even recall who that was in the movie, but the description sounds like me. [Click image to enlarge.]

--- 7 ---
I have mixed feelings about the Sports Illustrated cover that made its rounds on social media this week.

No doubt that it's a powerful cover. I love baseball and certainly recognize the impact of having the Red Sox win the World Series the same year the city was devastated by the Boston Marathon bombings. But should Big Papi or any other baseball player really be in the same "league" of heroes as police officers who risk their lives every day?

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  1. I think those walking water balls are illegal here in Florida now. Too many injuries and deaths.

    Eli S.

  2. I wouldn't do the walking water balls because I'm claustrophobic, but I would let my kids do it if, like you, my husband was in VERY close proximity.