November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 47 (Muppet meal, icy toilet, art splatter and more)

--- 1 ---
I like to say that I never get sick. Thankfully "the common cold" isn't so common for me. So it was highly unpleasant to be sick all weekend. It wasn't bad enough to warrant an entire 7 Quick Takes post about it. But I did have to take a swig of NyQuil (the green flavor -- Yuck!) a few nights in a row.
--- 2 ---
Perhaps the NyQuil had something to do with a really strange dream I had. I'm one of those people who almost never remembers my dreams. But when I do, they are usually really crazy. It went something like this: I was walking down a crowded street in Chicago looking for a place to eat. I went into a restaurant that was owned by Animal from the Muppet Show. But there was a long wait and someone else took my table.

Table for one? (Photo courtesy:

--- 3 ---
Veterans Day was one of those unusual holidays where I was off from work, but schools were open. So after dropping our second grader off at school, the wife, baby and I went out to breakfast. Getting my older daughter up, fed, dressed and in the car for school is a lot less stressful when I don't have to head straight to work afterwards.

--- 4 ---
The strangest thing about that Veterans Day breakfast was the urinal in the men's room. Sorry, I wouldn't normally take or post a picture from inside a men's room. But you have to see this for yourself:

So why in the world would a restaurant need to dump ice into the urinal? If you have to dump out a lot of ice, why not do it in the kitchen sink? Or even better, take it outside and dump it in the grass. I shudder to think that the bucket (or whatever was used to carry the ice) came in contact with the dirty urinal and then was taken back to the kitchen and used for something else. Gasp!

--- 5 ---
How long should a professional sports stadium last? As a Braves fan, I'm a little puzzled by the team's announcement this week that they'll be building a new stadium and leaving Turner Field after only 20 years. But, money talks.

Turner Field (Photo courtesy:

--- 6 ---
When I was in elementary school, there were occasional fire and tornado drills. Boy, times sure have changed. My daughter's school did a lock-down drill the other day. The teachers had to lock their classroom doors, turn off the lights, and all the kids had to sit quietly in the corner until the all-clear signal was given.

--- 7 ---
Art class has come a long way too. Who needs paint when you have a computer? My daughter's art teacher showed the kids a do-it-yourself Jackson Pollock painting website. Give it a try; it's kind of habit forming. (It works better on a computer rather than a mobile device.)

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  1. I was in high school when the Columbine shooting happened and that year we started lock-down drills. It's definitely scary!