November 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 48 ("Fowl" language, cake catastrophe, fuzzy math and more)

--- 1 ---
Confession is for the birds. I found this misspelling in an online Examination of Conscience while preparing for the sacrament of reconciliation:

So what kind of "fowl" words would be a sin to say? Perhaps cluck you? 
--- 2 ---
At Sunday Mass, our priest mentioned the sign that hangs in many church sacristies that says, "Say the Holy Mass as if it's your first Mass, your last Mass and your only Mass." Not a bad way to live your life every day either.
--- 3 ---
If you're ever at a church reception with me, don't ask me to get you a piece of cake. I seem to have bad luck with cake at church. A few weeks ago there was a post-Mass reception for one special occasion or another. Since I was standing up and holding the baby, the piece of cake I grabbed somehow disappeared before I was able to eat it. Last Sunday at another reception, we decided to take our cake and punch to the church playground so our older kid could play. While I squatted down to put down the diaper bag, my piece of cake carelessly leapt off the plate and landed on the ground. Next time I'll just have a cookie.

--- 4 ---
It's well documented that I'm not a math expert. So someone please tell me why my second grader got this one wrong on her homework:

Since when does 79 minus 45 not equal 34?

--- 5 ---
The other morning my seven-year-old said she wants to be a mayor. So I asked, "A mare like a horse or a mayor like someone who runs a city." She confirmed mayor, so I said, "Okay, as long as you aren't the mayor of Toronto." She didn't get the joke.

--- 6 ---
The real mayor of Toronto certainly has turned into one-man circus. While he's become easy fodder for late-night comedy shows (and that's something to be expected when you're a public figure), I don't take any joy in watching a human being self destruct. The man obviously needs help.
--- 7 ---
Back to my daughter for a moment, because I can always count on her to say or write something funny if I need another quick take. Check out this brilliant poem she wrote. (I'll transcribe it below since it's a little hard to read.)

There once was a boy who used to [g]naw,
On fishes that were completely raw!
He got so sick,
When the clock started to tick,
But he really just broke his left jaw.
And to top it off, here's her quick sketch of the boy and the clock.

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  1. being Canadian, I got the joke eh ;p Must be the new math....(shrugs shoulders)