December 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 50 (Pie lady, desperate yogurt, mad muppets and more)

Ugh. This is the last thing I wanted to see on the way home from a heavy-eating Thanksgiving weekend out of town:

Yes, indeed, this gas station along I-35 purports itself to the be "The Original Fried Pie Shop." Who wants to eat fried pie right after Thanksgiving? Blech! For kicks I looked it up online later. Actually there are "original" fried pie shop locations all over Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri according to Nancy the Fried Pie Lady.

Much like their yogurt, the Chobani people are laying it on a little too thick. I received this card in the mail in which Chobani's president says it's not business as usual unless he knows I'm still a customer. He's still trying to win me (and thousands of others) back after nearly poisoning (hyperbole) my daughter with fizzy, moldy yogurt and then giving us a free replacement that was already open and leaking.

While making cereal for me and my 7-year-old daughter the other morning, I playfully asked her, "Why does Mommy always buy us separate milks?" She replied, "Because I'm addicted to lactose-free milk!"

It's not as funny as my meal with a Muppet dream, but I did have another interesting one recently, which is rare because I almost never remember my dreams. In this one, my family was attending Mass at a new Catholic church. We were in the cry room because of the baby but came out and jumped into the line for Communion. But our line somehow never got the front and just circled back into the pews. I asked someone nearby why we didn't received Holy Communion, and she said we were sitting in the Episcopal section of the church. Weird.

If you don't keep up with popular culture, even Sesame Street can confuse you. I saw a skit the other day that was sort of a parody of Mad Men but with Muppets. I've never seen Mad Men, so I didn't understand it. 

It's also difficult to keep up with water cooler conversations when you don't watch much TV or see many movies. While I'm sorry to hear that Paul Walker died in a car accident, I must confess that I had never heard of him or Fast & Furious before.

The Christmas tree is up, but my kids aren't worried about being naughty or nice for Santa. Call me old fashioned, but shouldn't children be naughty or nice for God instead?

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